Worth Clark Realty Adds Value to Client Experience

Named #89 on Inc’s List of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies, Worth Clark Realty is a true full-service real estate brokerage, providing advanced services to help individuals buy, sell, lease, and manage residential real estate. With locations in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado, Worth Clark Realty currently has over 180 licensed brokerages and agents and continues to thrive through diligence and a commitment to client satisfaction.

We spoke with Bryan Bowles, President of Worth Clark Realty, to discuss how they maintain top-notch relationships with clients and how they’ve utilized Updater for added value to both the company and the overall client experience.

First of all, congrats on being named one of the fastest growing companies by Inc! What do you think played a role in achieving this accomplishment?

Thank you very much! While I’d like to point out some magic formula, it’s not that sexy. It really boils down to persistence, hard work, and taking care of your customers.

What makes Worth Clark Realty unique?

We are one of the very few firms that provides home sales, leasing, and property management services all under one roof. Most brokerages do just one of those things or the other. However, we’ve found that having the ability to handle any real estate needs a client may have is an advantage not only for us, but also for our customers who don’t want to have to deal with several different people at several different companies. We are also one of the few brokerages that, as a firm, stands behind our services and put it in writing. I don’t know of any other brokerages that provide peace of mind value add-ons, like our Happiness Guarantee, FSBO Option, and Eviction Shield.

The home buying/selling process (and especially the move) is a hectic time for people. Before, during, or even after a move, what creates an excellent client experience?  

Good communication. It’s that simple, but not necessarily that easy. People have different expectations for communication, so the key is getting to know your clients. As the president of the company, I get to see a lot of the feedback we receive (both positive and negative), and most of it is regarding communication.

How does Updater help you provide a better overall client experience?

Updater is fantastic, and the value it adds is two-fold: 1. It allows us to provide another level of service that differentiates us from other brokerages, and 2. It helps with communication. An added bonus – Updater makes communicating the utilities – which are otherwise easily forgotten – virtually effortless.

Similarly, how has Updater helped the Worth Clark team?

Updater’s onboarding process was great. The Updater team went as far as to make customizations upfront to help accommodate some of the specific nuances of our business model. Since then, we honestly don’t have to talk to the Updater team very much because the application works perfectly, behind the scenes.

What role do you think technology plays in the real estate industry today? How, in particular, has it helped Worth Clark Realty?

That’s a good question. I think technology in real estate is still nascent. Technology has certainly disrupted how people search for homes; it has given the public access to a lot more information, and made a few things more convenient. It’s helped us through improving efficiencies and better organization. Some examples of efficiency improvements are digital signatures and the ability to setup mail forwarding via Updater with the click of a couple buttons. We have other applications that help us organize and manage our transaction files online. However, I think we’ll see some big changes over the next decade in regard to how the public actually conducts real estate transactions.