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10 Dogs to Get You Through Moving Day

Our furry friends may not have opposable thumbs to help us lift moving boxes, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t understand the struggles of moving! These 10 dogs will help you feel better about your moving woes – and make your moving successes that much better.

When you wake up motivated and ready to do work…

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…and realize that you should have started packing earlier

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Moving little by little in the weeks before your move will really pay off! Just ask this dog.

When you pack a box like a Tetris pro

Pro tip: Use pots, pans, plastic bins, and any other item that can double as a box to be more space-efficient.

When you drop the “fragile” box

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With enough extra padding, there’s no need to fret! And if you want to cut costs, use spare linens and clothing to protect all your breakables.

When your moving truck driver is hours late

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Thoroughly read a moving company’s online reviews before booking to help avoid moving day fiascos!

When you’re working so hard lifting boxes that you forget to eat

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Avoid hangriness during your move by keeping snacks readily available and taking food breaks when you need them!

When your couch won’t fit through the front door

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Measure before you move, friends.

When you can’t remember which box has your clothes

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This is nothing a designated “essential items” box can’t fix!

When all your belongings make it unharmed

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*Cue the happy dance*

And when the last box has been unpacked

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Take a hot bath, watch a movie, eat some junk food — do whatever you need to have some “me time.” You deserve it!

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