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Best Companies for One Way Truck Rentals

Moving soon? Get organized with our free moving checklist.

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If you’re gearing up for a DIY move, choosing a truck rental company that meets your needs and budget is essential. According to Forbes, moving professionals charge an average of $1,400 for moves within a 100-mile radius. This increases to about $3,950 for a long-distance move (the price range for a 2-person moving team). 

Renting a one-way moving truck is usually a cheaper way to move long distances compared to hiring moving professionals. There are several one-way truck rentals to choose from, whether you are moving across the state or the country. Our moving experts have outlined the best moving truck companies in this guide to help you navigate the complexities of choosing a company and truck size for your move.

Benefits of one-way moving truck rentals

A one-way truck rental is ideal if you move out of state or to a new city. Here are some benefits of a one-way moving truck rental:

  • Cheaper move: One-way truck rentals charge lower rates than professional moving companies. Most truck rentals charge a predetermined dollar amount based on truck size, point of origin, and destination. Truck rental fees start from $20/day for the smaller vans. Customers may also receive allowed mileage and a specified number of days to complete their moves. Additional days and miles are charged at a pre-agreed rate on the contract.
  • Free storage: One-way rentals provide 30 days of free storage of your belongings. You can choose any size storage unit for the given period. Be sure to verify the availability of free storage when choosing a provider.
  • Discounts: Most times, select one-way destinations are offered at a discount based on your needs and the move date. Moving Sunday through Thursday can be an excellent way to maximize the discounts and save money.
  • Less stress: When performing a DIY move and hauling your belongings yourself, you have more control of the move. You will be able to take proper care of your items, meaning you won’t have to worry about your possessions getting damaged. This provides the peace of mind you can’t find with a moving company.

Five best one-way truck rentals

The following are the five best one-way truck rentals to choose from:


Our partner, Penske, is undeniably a big name in one-way truck rentals offering over 2,500 rental locations and a fleet of over 50,000 vehicles. The company offers several benefits including 24-hour roadside assistance, half-a-day rentals, free unlimited-mile one-way rentals, and flexible reservation policies. One of the biggest advantages that separates Penske from the other competitors is that their reservations are guaranteed. This means you won’t have to deal with last-minute surprises on a moving day. 

Penske also offers several discounts to help reduce costs, including ones for active and veteran military members, AAA members, and students. The five truck rental sizes offered by Penske mean you’ll have access to the right truck, no matter the size of your belongings or the distance of your move. They also maintain one of the newer fleets of vehicles, and getting a nice truck is much easier than with the other companies. Click here for 10% off any Penske rental truck.


  • Guaranteed reservations provided you reserve at least 48 hours in advance
  • Limited miles on one-way moves
  • Special discounts for qualifying customers
  • Nationwide availability


  • Charges per-mile fee on local moves
  • Requires a deposit


U-Haul boasts 21,000 locations in the US and Canada, allowing you to easily rent of their one-way truck rentals. Their trucks are equipped with various features to make loading simple and driving comfortable. These include rub rails that allow you to tie your furniture to the walls and prevent shifting during transit. Generally, U-Haul’s rates are pre-determined by the truck size, point of origin, destination, and moving date. Although you are given a specified number of days to complete the move, you are still allowed to purchase extra days at $40/day. 

One benefit of choosing U-Haul is that you get a varied selection of truck sizes to choose from as well as several add-on services. If you are completing a smaller move, you can opt for U-Haul’s 10ft. This is a popular choice for moving a dorm room or a one or two-bedroom home. The cost of renting a 10ft truck starts at around $1673.  


  • Plenty of locations
  • Competitive low pricing
  • Multiple sizes of trucks
  • Easy online reservations
  • No deposit is required


  • No unlimited mileage
  • May incur hidden fees


Budget is undeniably one of the best one-way moving truck rentals for those on a tighter budget. Although the company doesn’t offer as many pick-up and drop-off locations as U-Haul, renting a truck from Budget generally costs less. Budget offers several add-on services, including roadside assistance, personal accident, cargo insurance, supplemental liability insurance, and damage waivers. If you require additional days or mileage to complete your move, you can purchase them for $0.70/mile or $70/daily. In addition to general low pricing, you can also take advantage of one of Budget’s many discounts to lower the rental cost.


  • Over 2800 locations throughout the country
  • Low-cost local and long-distance moves
  • Easy online reservations
  • Special discounts for students, active and veteran military members, and fire and EMT workers


  • Deposit required
  • No unlimited mile rentals

Home Depot

Home Depot is a major home improvement chain offering three standard truck sizes and prices ideal for small local moves. The Home Depot one-day moving truck rentals are available in over 2,300 locations across the country. Their prices are generally affordable and have no hidden fees. You can rent a truck for a flat rate and get unlimited miles during the rental period. However, if you keep the truck past the initial 75 minutes, you will need to pay for any added time. Plus, you must return the truck with a full tank of gas. If you are not moving far, you will likely spend less than you would with most competitors’ rentals.


  • Unlimited miles on local moves
  • Affordable prices
  • No hidden fees
  • Available in 2300 US locations


  • Doesn’t accept advance reservations
  • Requires a deposit


Enterprise offers a total of 14 truck rental options available in 350 locations. The trucks range from pick-up trucks and cargo vans to box trucks and stake beds. If you are looking for flexibility, the company makes it easy to book and cancel your reservations online. If you are not moving far, you can rent a one-way moving truck with fixed fees for the first 300 miles. Once you reach the 300 miles, you will incur a charge of $0.20 to $3.60/mile, depending on the specifics of your reservation. 


  • A wide variety of rental truck sizes
  • Easy online reservations and cancellations
  • No hidden fees


  • Per mile cost for long-distance moves
  • Bookings are not guaranteed
  • Requires deposit

Factors to consider when choosing a one-way truck rental

The size of the truck: One of the effective ways to determine the best moving company for your needs is the size of the truck needed. Some companies have limited sizes, while others offer a wide variety to allow you to select the best size for your needs.

Price: One-way truck rental companies charge rates based on a flat fee plus certain per-mile costs. The most affordable truck companies, such as Budget and U-Haul, charge approximately $20/day. Some companies also offer unlimited mileage for long-distance moves to allow you to save substantial money on your move.

Add-ons: Some providers offer more add-ons than others. These range from storage at your pick-up or drop-off locations to insurance covers. The more customer friendly the options provided, the better the company.

Availability and locations: Choosing a provider with collection locations near your starting point and the final destination is crucial. Availability and number of locations are factors to keep in mind when choosing a truck rental company.

Insurance option: Before you settle on any truck rental company, assess their insurance coverage options.

Ease to get quotes: Some companies make it easier to make and cancel reservations online than others. Certain companies also provide guaranteed reservations to help you avoid disappointment on your move day.

Be sure to book the right truck

When booking a one-way moving truck, finding the right one for the job is essential. Companies use varied rate structures and the cheapest truck rental for a local move may not be the most affordable option for your long-distance move. In addition, one-way moving truck rental companies also vary in the locales they serve and truck sizes for trucks offered. Our list above is an ideal place to start as you search for the perfect one-way truck for your next move. 

Moving soon? Get organized with our free moving checklist.

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