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How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Move

With your upcoming move around the corner, you have enough moving stress on your mind. You’re preoccupied with how you’re going to get everything from Point A to Point B, let alone survive the process. So, when it comes time to purchasing packing materials and choosing a moving company, let’s just say that considering Mother Nature’s feelings on developing an eco-friendly move plan may not be the topic at the top of your moving to-do list. The good news is that you can seamlessly incorporate a few eco-friendly tips into your move.

Rethink Supplies

Free moving boxes

Before you head over to Staples to buy new cardboard boxes, try looking around the neighborhood for free moving boxes. You can easily find free moving boxes at a number of local businesses including the liquor store, fast food restaurants, or supply chain stores.

Recycled plastic bins

These gems are made from recycled plastics and are sturdy enough to hold some of your heaviest items (think: your massive shoe collection). The best part? Recycled plastic bins don’t require much building or breaking down, so you’ll be able to reuse them as under the bed or closet storage units once you’re moved in at your new place. Some eco-friendly moving companies even offer them as part of their service package, too!

Biodegradable supplies

Everything you use to pack your belongings takes an environmental toll. Styrofoam cushioning, bubble wrap, and the little packing peanuts that get absolutely everywhere are often not biodegradable. Lucky for Mother Nature, you can now purchase “green” packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and other supplies.

Work with what you have

Don’t feel obligated to specifically purchase moving supplies. Consider using things like old newspaper, towels, clothes, and sheets to cushion your breakables. You’ll likely reduce how much space you’ll need and might even save a trip or two in your car or moving truck. Plus, you’ll even save a few moving boxes along the way!

Fuel Your Options

No surprise here: Vehicles are huge pollutants. The amount of fuel you use and waste is determined by how far you’re moving, what sized vehicle you use (car vs. truck), and how heavy your load is. Consider these options to reduce your environmental footprint.


Some eco-friendly moving companies have started to switch over to diesel’s greener counterpart. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, ask your prospective moving companies what kind of fuel they use, and book your move accordingly.

Travel light

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a hoarder or not, chances are that you can lighten your load somehow. If you are looking to down-size, consider donating clothing, furniture, and other household items to a charitable organization. The less stuff you have, the smaller space you’ll need to pack it all up. You’ll be able to use a smaller vehicle and less fuel.

But, you don’t need to stop there! Once you get settled in at your new place, get into the habit of saving energy, composting, and recycling. Just think: Planning an eco-friendly move to your new house is just the first step toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

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