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HireAHelper’s Top Moving Box Hacks for the Kids

It’s no surprise that moving presents its own set of challenges when you’re moving with young kids. It’s a big transition for them, and often you simply don’t have the time to make sure that they’re coping well with the move as it’s happening. Between packing and the million and one moving tasks you have to handle, it’s easy for the kids to feel overlooked in the moving process.

With this in mind, our friends at HireAHelper have shared a few truly creative ways to help ease the transition for the kids. Their DYI tutorials show how you can repurpose old moving boxes into awesome art and entertainment projects for the kids (think: an elaborate moving box fort or maze!). Learn more about their moving box hacks here and how you can keep the little ones happy throughout the process, while you regain some much needed time to unpack!

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