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How Moving Pods Can Help Simplify Your Next Relocation

Are you getting excited about relocating to your new home? Getting everything sorted, packed, and put perfectly into place is part of building the excitement for an upcoming move — but there’s no doubt that it’s a lot to juggle and organize in a short period of time. One way to simplify the process is with moving pods.

Here’s a breakdown of when these flexible containers make sense for your move to your next new home.

What are moving pods?

These are portable storage containers that arrive at your home ready for you to fill. They’re purpose-made for moving — you can take your time getting everything put inside, and when it’s time to make a move, the storage pod company will transport it to your new home. If you’ve sold your home and don’t have a place to move to yet, you still have the option to store the pod at their storage facility in the meantime.

Pods can come in handy to help streamline a short-distance move, as most pod companies are happy to move your belongings from one end of town (or even the state) to the other. They can also be essential for a long-haul move, though: Networks of hubs can send and receive your belongings when you get to your new location, even if it’s over 1,000 miles away.

Why pick a pod?

Using a pod can give you more control over your move. The moving process forces you to think about each item you own and figure out how to pack everything you’ll keep. These decisions take time, so moving pods offer the flexibility and space to carefully go through all of your items.

During the move itself, moving pods can play a few different roles. They could serve simply as a transportation method. Using one pod to hold, ship, and unload your belongings keeps things straightforward and removes some typical moving expenses. You could also use them for long-term storage. Say you’re going out of the country for a year — if you hold your belongings in a moving pod storage facility, then the pods can act as both storage and transportation. As a result, you only handle your items once, and you always have an efficient moving strategy in your back pocket.

If using a moving pod on your own feels like too much to take on, consider calling in the pros. You can always enlist the help of moving professionals to make the jump from pod to room a little faster and easier. Some pod companies offer moving assistance themselves, while others contract with reputable moving companies. Whether you just need an extra mover to lug around your heaviest items for the day or an entire team for the week, be sure to ask about add-on services.

Moving Pods

Asking the right questions

Not all pods have the same usage agreements. Questions to ask include:

  • How long can I use the pod for packing and moving?
  • How is your rental pricing structured? (Typically pricing is based on length of time, distance to transport, will it be stored, and how many units you will need.)
  • When can I expect my items to arrive at the new location?
  • For pods that will be put in storage, what options are available to retrieve my belongings?
  • How long can I keep items in storage?
  • What payment terms are available?
  • Can I get help with moving or packing?

Don’t leave questions unanswered; ask about the service until you feel confident that you’re getting exactly what you want.

How to pack your pod

Think about how you’ll use your things when you reach your destination. Then, let that guide how you pack: Place items you’re least likely to need at the back, and leave space for important items near the front so you’ll always have quick access. It’s safe to leave those boxes of “someday” jeans in the far reaches of the pod, but your kitchen appliances, bedding, and favorite outfits belong closer to the entrance. You may be tempted to load all the heaviest items first, but it’s best to evenly distribute the weight across the moving pod — and place heavier items at the bottom and lighter boxes at the top. Keep the most important belongings — such as financial paperwork, your medications, and supplies for a child or pet — in your car or temporary living situation for immediate access.

Relocating often comes with some surprises, but moving pods’ built-in flexibility can help a move go smoothly even if your plans change. Pods provide a way to keep everything together — while you do your best to stay organized on your end, all your belongings are waiting safe and secure in one place.

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