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How to Forward Your Mail for Free with Updater

If you’re gearing up for a move and wondering how to forward mail without losing your mind, Updater is the app for moving you need.

We love our friends at the post office, but we also recognize the fact that they have their hands full delivering all those millions (billions?) of cardboard boxes for Amazon. And since the Updater crew understands that there is nothing more precious than time when it comes to prepping for a move, we’ve taken their 20-minute change of address process and cut it down to just a couple of minutes. Think of it as USPS mail forwarding for the 21st century.

Who is our free mail forwarding service for?

  • Awesome individuals.

  • Families, big and small — as long as everyone lives under the same roof.

  • Business owners (or those authorized to change an address on their behalf).

That’s everyone!

How to forward mail with Updater

We’ve made the process seamless with our clean, simple interface… a nice change from waiting in line at the post office or trying to navigate their website. Forwarding your mail using Updater goes like this:

  1. From your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone, tell us where your mail currently goes and where you want it go.

  2. We then validate your identity via credit card or by sending a 3-digit code via SMS/text.

  3. All information flows through our encrypted server

  4. Voilà! Your mail will be forwarded to your new home; no need to contact USPS yourself.

What if I want to cancel my mail forwarding request?

Things change. The good news is that if Updater hasn’t yet submitted your mail forwarding request, we provide a one-button solution to cancel your USPS mail forwarding — no problem. If your mail forwarding request has already been submitted to the USPS, you’ll need to stop by your local post office with your ID to cancel the request or make changes.

I don’t get much snail mail. Why should I bother with USPS mail forwarding?

Even if you pay your bills online and those $10 checks from Nana dried up years ago, you still need to forward your mail. From jury duty notices, to red light camera tickets, to one of those 20% off coupons from that popular retailer, there are some pieces of mail you can’t afford to miss.

How long does it take to forward mail?

The process of setting up mail forwarding with Updater’s app for moving will only take a couple of minutes. Great, right? But if you’re talking about when your mail will actually start forwarding. In that case, USPS takes 10-12 days to begin forwarding your mail. Rest assured — we will file your form roughly 2 weeks before the mail forwarding date you give us, ensuring that your mail arrives at your new home when you do.

We’ve simplified the process so you can concentrate on the things that really matter, like surviving moving day and loving your new home. Happy forwarding!

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