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Your Guide to Moving and Lifting Heavy Items

We’ve all heard the moving horror story of cousin Joey moving the grandfather clock up the back stairway solo. We hate to say it, but moving isn’t the time to show off the big guns. The last thing you want while moving is to strain your back or get an injury if you’re not moving your items properly.

Before your own move, review this simple guide to learn how to lift your belongings so you don’t hurt anything right as you begin to unpack.


1. As silly as it sounds, the first step is to squat down to the level of the box, and put your hands underneath it.

2. Push off the ground from your heels, and lift from your legs. This movement will ensure you’re not at risk of hurting your back.

3. Get to your destination by walking slowly and steadily.

4. When you want to put down the box, just slowly squat to ground level and gently put the box down.

Just in case you have to lift something that requires more help, such as a large couch, you can still use the above tips. Make sure you’re coordinating the move by doing a simple 3-2-1 countdown. Pro-tip: It’s best to communicate lifting guidelines with your moving partner ahead of time, so you’re both on the same page on when to lift and lower!


1. The most common mistake people make is by lifting heavy things with their back. It can lead to some serious back pains!

2. Do not turn and shift your position suddenly. It can throw you off balance and result in dropping something.

3. Don’t wear any elevated shoes such as heels; wearing flat shoes are the best for lifting.

4. Try not to lift any heavy objects above your shoulder.

5. Refrain from walking fast or running while carrying heavy items.

As an extra tip, make sure to measure the doorways, staircases, and any nook and cranny you’re trying to fit a large item through before you move it. It’s worth a bit of diligence on your part so you don’t get stuck lugging that heavy sofa back down the stairs. Hey, you may even get in a good leg workout out of it!

As another extra tip to prevent injury — or if you don’t want to do any of this yourself! — we recommend checking out, an on-demand moving app where you can book moving muscle to do the heavy lifting for you. And w that happy and safe moving

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