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How to Update Your Accounts with Updater

Ask any moving expert, and you will hear one unalienable truth: the most important aspect of preparing for a move is planning. Proper preparation (say that 5 times fast!) is the difference between enjoying your new abode from the get-go and losing sleep and sanity.

Fortunately, Updater’s moving app can save you about 3 hours (180 glorious minutes) when updating your address with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of organizations. Every Updater user can easily connect with over 15,000 companies through the moving app. Just start typing in the name of your favorite magazine, current bank — and a whole host of other options — and relevant suggestions will appear automatically.

Many people don’t realize that simply alerting the post office about a change of address isn’t enough, and that mail forwarding is not a permanent solution. To receive critical documents without interruption (and save time in the process), Updater enables users to update thousands of accounts in one place, in one fell swoop.

In preparation for your move, we can update the following with your new address:


Never miss an issue of Bon Appétit, your favorite newspaper, or other must-have publication.

Loyalty programs

We get it. Racking up those points can help get you closer to a much-needed vacation.

Colleges and alumni associations

Don’t lose valuable networking opportunities! Your collegiate connections are everything.

Banks and credit cards

Keep your finances in order. Remember: a single late payment can damage your credit score.

Political, professional, and social organizations

Political activist or not… Don’t forget about AAA, AARP, etc.

Charities and nonprofit organizations

Don’t let your charitable giving lapse — whether it’s giving back to the ASPCA or fighting to end hunger.

Best of all, when you’re preparing to move, you only need to enter your new address into Updater’s moving app once, and we’ll use that info to update every account you provide. This saves even more precious time.

The choice is yours: either change your address on all of your accounts at once with Updater or go through the painstaking process of reaching out to every organization individually…

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