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The Millennial’s Guide to Moving Day

It’s expensive. It’s complicated. It’s annoying. No, we’re not talking about your student loans — we’re talking about moving! It’s never easy to relocate your whole life in a day, but these tips will help make moving day easier, cheaper, and more fun.

Procrastination is not a major key to success

While procrastination may have worked in college, procrastinating on your move will surely result in late night back and forth trips and unpacking in the dark. Instead, try packing incrementally and by necessity for the weeks leading up to your move. For example, pack up your out-of-season clothing two weeks before you move, half of your in-season clothing the week before you move, and the rest of your wardrobe the night before you move.

Everything you own in the (organized) box to the left

It requires some additional planning, but organizing your boxes will make unpacking that much easier. Try using color coded packing tape so you know which boxes belong in each room (Smart Move Tape is color coded and labeled!). You can also number each box and create a spreadsheet that logs each box’s contents. That way, you know which box has the item you’re looking for!

Pro tip:

Keep each room’s essential items together for easier access. Include a desk lamp and sheets in the “room essentials” box, toiletries and towels in the “bathroom essentials” box… You get the idea!

Damage control for your wallet

Whether it’s tape, Sharpies, boxes, or bubble wrap, the cost of moving supplies adds up quickly. To save money, channel your inner scavenger! Restaurants, offices, and other businesses often throw out their gently used boxes, so don’t be shy, and ask if you can take them off their hands. Instead of buying bubble wrap or packing peanuts, use clothing and linens to protect fragile items. You know what to do with the money you save:

Consolidate like a humanitarian

Whether you’re moving into a teeny city studio or a massive country estate, holding onto junk will make your move more difficult. You can take your unwanted clothes to places that recycle textiles (like H&M!), or donate all your unwanted clothing to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, women’s shelters, or other nonprofit organizations. And here are some places that pickup furniture donations. Many of these organizations offer tax write-offs, so donating is good for your move, your soul, AND your tax return!

Uber etiquette

If you can fit your belongings into a full sized SUV (looking at you, New Yorkers), Uber is a convenient and inexpensive way to move. But keep in mind that Uber is a car service, not a moving truck on demand service! Call your driver before they arrive, and make sure that they’re comfortable carrying your Ikea furniture across town. The last thing you want is a driver making a fuss over putting the seats down or scuffing their Escalade’s interior. Don’t forget to tip extra!

Skip brunch

Unless you majored in finance, you’re probably living on a budget. To avoid heading to the local cafe the morning after your move, stock up on some simple breakfast food the day you move in. When you wake up to a box of gluten free cereal and almond milk, your stomach will be like:

But first, let me take a selfie

No millennial’s move is complete without an Instagram post announcing your new place! To make your selfie session a whole lot easier, use the Hisy remote to replace your phone’s self-timer. Simply connect Hisy to your phone using Bluetooth, and you can snap photos from as far as 90 feet away! And before you upload your selfie to Instagram, top it off with the “slumber” filter, since that’s what you’ll be doing after you finish moving anyway.

You have enough on your mind as a millennial trying to make it in the big, bad world without moving woes getting you down! Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be on your way to a struggle free move in no time.

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