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Top 3 Moving Scam Red Flags

As you begin your search for a moving company, it’s easy to be attracted by the lowest estimates (hey, moving’s expensive) and the companies that seem to make too good to be true offers to help with your move. While there are tons of reputable moving companies out there, transporting valuable belongings from one place to another unfortunately means one thing: the industry’s ripe for scams.

But, don’t let that scare you off. Our best is advice is to watch out for these common moving scam red flags before you risk the security of your belongings (and someone walking away with grandma’s china). With these tips, you’ll stand clear from experiencing an awful moving scam horror story.

Make sure the moving company has a telephone number and physical address listed on their website.

If the moving company doesn’t have a local address or telephone number listed, stand clear. If you can only contact the company by filling out an online form, and can’t directly speak with a caller center representative, you know you’re not in good hands.

Watch out for “too good to be true” pricing.

Moving’s expensive, and it’s easy to want to sign on with the company that gives the lowest pricing. The key to determining what’s “too good to be true” — and possibly a scam — is by scheduling at least three in-home estimates. It’ll help you better determine what’s a reasonable evaluation of the belongings you’re moving.

Ensure the moving company has a Federal Motor Carrier Number so you know your mover is legitimate.

Vehicles that have this number are validated as reputable movers by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. To check the company’s motor carrier registration status, consult this resource for in-state moves and this resource for interstate moves. If you do a bit of research ahead of time, you’ll save yourself the risk of working with a disreputable mover.

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