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Understand What Your Movers Really Mean When They Say…

If you’ve ever moved in the past, then you probably already know that it can often feel like movers are speaking another language. Sure, it’s English, and the words are all familiar, but then you end up with extra charges on your bill that you approved without realizing it. Getting acquainted with moving terminology is smart, but you still may struggle to see the hidden meaning behind something your movers say. This guide will help.

“We Can Wrap that Flat Screen for You”

First of all, this is a blanketed statement that can apply to a wide variety of items. Your movers may tell you they’ll wrap your full length mirror, glass top table, or canvas off the wall. They’re not just wrapping these things to be nice. No matter whether they’re using a roll of bubble wrap or blankets, there’s a good chance you’re getting charged for that service. Just think: Since most movers charge by the hour, every time they stop to wrap something, your move will take longer.

“We Provide Free Estimates”

An estimate is just that: an estimate. There’s nothing binding, and there’s no guarantee. The moving company simply uses an algorithm based on the number of rooms you have in your home. They’re not accounting for flights of stairs or distance from truck to door. You’ll want a quote, not an estimate. The exception is the moving company that uses the term “binding estimate.” In this case, the agreement is in writing. Some movers also offer a guaranteed-not-to-exceed estimate, as well.

“We Can Park in the Road”

You may think your movers are being generous by not parking the truck on your front lawn. Movers often charge a long carry fee if they have to park a certain distance from the door. Plus, once again, if you’re paying by the hour, you’ll end up with a higher bill than expected because the move will take longer.

“Our Moving Truck has GPS, So We Don’t Need to Follow You”

Your movers may tell you to hold onto the directions you just printed for them because they have a GPS. This doesn’t mean they’re going to take the fastest route possible. Not to mention, if you go on ahead, there’s nothing stopping them from milking the clock a little longer or spending extra time at the gas station when they stop for a coffee. If you get a quote, you don’t have to worry about this because you won’t be charged by the hour.

“Sure, We Can Make a Stop to Pick Something Up for You”

So, your favorite aunt is giving you her extra sofa. Your movers are happy to stop and pick it up on the way. They’ll also happily charge you for this stop on your bill.

“Our Schedule Is Packed Saturday, But We Can Squeeze You In”

Rather than offer a move to you at a better price on a slow day during the week, they’d rather squeeze you in on their busiest day because they’re able to charge you more. Whenever possible, schedule your move during the week and away from the 1st and 15th day of the month.

With that, don’t let a bit of industry terminology bog you down during your move. When in doubt, ask your mover and they’ll likely break down what they mean so that nothing gets lost in translation (and you don’t incur any unwanted fees!).

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