Your Go-To Moving Day Playlist

You’ve spent endless days and nights in preparation for moving day. By now, you’re a moving expert – you know exactly where to find the cheapest moving boxes and recruit the most qualified movers to handle grandma’s china. Days and days of planning later, it’s an understatement to say that moving’s finally beginning to wear you out.

So, trust us when we say that our best piece of advice is short and sweet: Take some time to jam out! Since you’re a little pressed for time, we’ve put our best people on the job to curate the most epic moving day playlist in the history of playlists!

Whether you’re looking for the right beat, the best rhythm, or the greatest solo of all time, we’ve found it! Expect a few oldies, but goodies. Any song that has to do with sweet goodbyes or happy beginnings made the cut. So without further ado, cue the music!

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This is something that we love to do when we are on the job moving things! Unfortunately we can't all be on headphones and we can't have music blasting or else we'd be disturbing the peace in quiet neighbourhoods! Haha!