Introducing a New Way for Movers to Claim Invites

Today we’re excited to release a new way for your residents and clients to get started with Updater. In addition to receiving automatic invites from Updater, movers can now visit, enter their email address, and claim their invite as soon as they’re ready to get started.

This new feature helps empower your clients and residents to get started on their moving tasks on their time.

The all new way for movers to accept their Updater invites online!

Remember, your residents can only claim their Updater invites once they’ve been added to your transaction management system. Make sure you’ve added their information before directing them to to claim their invite.

What does this mean for you?

  • More successful moves: Now that accessing Updater is even easier, you’ll see more successful moves, which equals happier clients.
  • Saves time: No need to manually resend Updater invitations. Direct your clients to to claim their invite and get started.
  • Invites on demand: Your clients can activate their Updater account and start their moving experience when it’s convenient for them.

Here are some ways you can share this new feature with residents: 

  • Welcome Letter: You can revamp your resident welcome letter with a direct link and reference to, where new residents can start their moving journey on their time.
  • In-Office: Use in-office digital displays (TV’s) to educate future residents about Updater and the new, easy way to get moving.
  • Postcards: We’ve created postcards just for you to promote Updater and this new feature to your residents. We’re excited to offer these for free of charge to our clients. To request postcards for your property, click here.

Not sure how to talk about invites to your residents and clients? Here’s how we normally phrase it:
You’ll receive an invite from Updater in the weeks leading up to your move, but if you want to get a jump on things, you can always claim your invite immediately on Updater’s website at”

At Updater, we’re constantly working to improve our automated invite timing to deliver the best moving experience. Our past work on invite optimization has driven a 50% rise in feature usage and increased the value Updater brings to your clients and residents. We’ll share additional data and insights on determining the ideal invite send time in the coming months.

The ability to claim invites on is available today. If you have additional questions or ideas, reach out to your Updater Success Manager or email us at [email protected].