Announcing resident status tracker enhancements

screenshot of resident tracker enhancements

The Resident Status Tracker is what leasing teams use to monitor residents’ progress toward move-in readiness. It has always been one of the main attractions for leasing teams – but, with our latest upgrade, the tracker is now the fastest, most effective way to quickly monitor who is ready to move into a unit and who is not.

With this upgrade, we’ve taken extra steps to create a tracker that is future-proofed and meets our communities’ needs in the following ways:

  • Limitless visibility into tasks: Our new status tracker has no limits on how many move-in tasks can be displayed.
  • Rich information at your fingertips: Leasing teams can now work at speed by hovering over the tracker to view which tasks have been marked as complete or rejected, or are awaiting your review.
  • Crisp color coding: Red, orange, and green create an easy visual for understanding what a resident needs from you at any moment in time.
  • Rewording for clarity We heard your feedback that the “Action” column created confusion. We renamed the column “Onsite team action” so that leasing teams now know that column represents a to-do list of actions required for a particular resident. This column also new includes hyperlinked actions (when applicable) so leasing teams can easily jump to review, approve, or reject from the status tracker view.

Simple, transparent, and easy to understand – the Resident Status Tracker is an extremely efficient tool that can be used to answer the question, “Which future residents need my attention right now?” Increase productivity, efficiency, and resident response time.

View the enhancements in your dashboard and navigate to the Residents tab.