4 New Initiatives to Help More Movers

Mover engagement has been an important theme for us recently. It’s crucial to your business and drives value for your company. That’s why we’re launching new invitation workflows and strengthening already-existing ones to increase your movers’ engagement with our platform.

Here are four new initiatives to help your movers get the most from Updater:

Offering Security

Home security systems are crucial to protecting families from intruders and many can even provide early warning systems in case of a fire. Additionally, almost one third of Americans have professionally monitored home security systems – that’s why we launched a new feature called “Protect Your Home” to help movers streamline their home security needs. Our new home security feature — exclusive to homeowners — allows movers to evaluate and purchase home security packages, and schedule installation.

From the Dashboard, movers are able to browse multiple packages and connect with a home security expert to confirm their selection, and set an installation date.

Increased Email Deliverability

Familiarity with a sender is a major factor contributing to email open rates. To further increase our email invitation claim rates, we’re launching the ability for email invites to be sent from our clients’ business domains.

SMS Text Invitations

In addition to our traditional email invitations, we’re launching invitations via text messages with a select group of partners. This additional invitation delivery method will help boost mover engagement for the following reasons:

Direct Mail Invitations

Email overload is an issue businesses need to address in 2019. As a brand, mixing your media choices between digital and traditional is one way to better deliver your message. Up to 90% of direct mail is opened – therefore, in an effort to increase mover engagement, we’re testing direct mail Updater invitations. These direct mail invitations will vary in content and design and will be customized for each unique move, based on a mover’s particular needs. Your brand will be highlighted as an additional way to showcase your partnership with Updater.

If you’d like to learn more about these initiatives, share feedback, or schedule new year training, please reach out to your Success Manager. We’d love to hear from you!