Entrata Integration Now Available for Updater

At Updater, we’re huge believers in making our clients’ lives easier by integrating with the core software services that they use every day.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve released a full integration with Entrata, one of the leading transaction management softwares available for property managers in the multifamily industry. If your property uses Entrata, setting up the integration will be no sweat off your back (seriously).

So, what’s our integration with Entrata mean? In a nutshell, properties that use Entrata will now be able to seamlessly offer Updater’s customized and guided moving technology to their residents. The integration works in the background to seamlessly sync information between the two platforms, requiring little to no work for you or your team. With the integration, Updater invites will be sent at the most opportune time before a residents moves – and voila, your residents will save hours (and headaches) on dreaded moving-related tasks.

Setting up the integration is easy as pie. Once you’ve signed up with Updater, simply contact your account manager at Entrata, and she/he will be able to install the integration directly into your Entata platform. Easy, huh?

While the integration was just recently launched, several companies have already opted to test out the integration, including Lennox Companies, BLDG Management, Milhaus Ventures, and Princeton Properties, and are already live after an invite-only beta test.

To learn more about our Entrata integration, request a 15-minute demo, or email [email protected].