Making It Easier to Prepare Residents for Move-In

Today, Updater is excited to announce new document upload and management tools for onsite teams as part of our ongoing work to build better solutions for multifamily resident onboarding. 

Once your team has configured this dashboard tab, you’ll see a new Future Residents tab in your Updater Dashboard that gives onsite teams a clear view of every incoming resident and how ready they are to move into your property.

Updater Future Residents Tab Dashboard

As your incoming residents prepare for a successful move with Updater, they’ll see required tasks for your community—like providing proof of utilities and insurance—that they can handle directly through our platform. Your teams will be able to track residents’ status along each step and easily nudge them when needed with follow-up communications sent straight from the dashboard.

Onsite teams can customize new-resident tasks with ease thanks to Updater’s existing integrations with most major property management software providers.

Updater Dashboard Utility Configuration

We know how hard your teams work to keep your communities running smoothly and make sure your residents have a great experience. We’re excited to take this first step towards streamlining the onboarding process and look forward to sharing even more soon.

Updater’s new Future Residents dashboard tab and resident onboarding features will be available in the coming months. To learn more and see a live demo of these features, sign up here or reach out to your Updater Success Manager.