An Improved TV/Internet Purchasing Experience for Movers

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve launched an updated feature that allows movers to more seamlessly purchase and schedule installation for TV/internet services. This update also makes it easier for you to configure any TV/Internet partnerships you may have within Updater, enabling movers to more seamlessly purchase and schedule installation for services from your Featured Provider (if you have one).

Our updated feature enables movers to indicate their preferences for internet speed, programming content, and more. Based on these preferences, our technology intelligently surfaces the packages that best meet their needs. This, of course, includes any Featured Providers you may have. Movers can then select a package and receive a confirmation number in a matter of minutes, all within the Updater platform.

Why the Change?

Before launching this feature, Updater conducted extensive testing to optimize the user experience and maximize adoption of Featured Providers.

Early in our user testing, we discovered that movers became confused and frustrated when provided with too many TV/internet packages, particularly when some of the packages didn’t meet their needs. However, when we instead started by asking movers to indicate their preferences for internet speed, programming content, etc. and then only displayed packages that met their needs, they purchased a package more than twice as often as movers who were shown a comprehensive list of all packages.

We also discovered that when we showed movers multiple providers and also indicated which provider was recommended, over 70% of movers booked a package; and of those movers, over 75% chose a package from the provider recommended to them.

The overwhelming feedback from movers who were shown only one choice for a TV/internet provider was that they wanted to see all available providers before selecting a package; however, they also wanted to know which provider is recommended for them. We have therefore built a feature that provides exactly this experience which, based on our research, significantly increases adoption of Featured Providers, if you have one.

See the New Experience

Take a tour of the new feature with our Senior Marketing Manager, Amanda Fischer. 

Gretchen Altman
Gretchen Altman

Gretchen is Updater's Product Manager and is responsible for guiding Updater's product strategy and development. When not dreaming about sprints, backlogs, and roadmaps, she like to eat pie, buy shoes, and look at cat pics.

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