Introducing a prorated calculator for rental move-in fees

As part of the required move-in tasks, future residents need to complete, paying move-in fees is chief among them. Moving fees can be up to 30-50% of a resident’s monthly rent. These fees can widely vary for each community and consist of concession fees, security deposits, pet fees, and the first month’s rent among other charges. 

And, because many renters don’t move in on the 1st or the 15th, calculating these prorated fees can be tricky. Onsite staff must tally the total of flat fees and prorated amounts, resulting in a different total amount for each resident. 

Today we’re pleased to launch a new tool to calculate prorated move-in fees. This tool gives onsite teams the power to easily calculate fees based on moving date and display them within Updater so that residents know exactly what needs to be paid and when. Onsite teams can:

  • Easily calculate move-in costs for every resident quickly and accurately on a prorated basis.
  • Quickly view what every resident owes
  • Reduce resident confusion because residents will see exactly what they need to pay.
  • Empower residents to pay move-in fees sooner with rich instructions and link-outs to payment portals. 

Our move-in fee calculator will help streamline the move-in process for onsite teams and limit confusion for residents who are often not sure what they need to pay. 

Learn how to customize and then view the enhancements in your dashboard.