Introducing document review workflows

Traditionally, leasing teams have managed move-ins for future residents through manual processes like email, spreadsheets, and fielding phone calls. In these communications, onsite teams would also share important documents with residents and hope for the best as there is no way to track receipt or get confirmation resident have reviewed the docs.

On the other hand, residents receive a mountain of to-dos without any clarity on what to prioritize or where to start. Important documents like community policies and resident handbooks could easily be lost within the threads of emails and messages exchanged. 

Today, we’re pleased to launch a new feature that allows residents to easily isolate and review key documents and gives leasing teams confirmation that those documents have been reviewed. Using important document workflows, onsite teams can: 

  • Easily upload important documents – Want to make sure a resident reviews your community’s important documents? Upload one or multiple documents in any format under 5MB.
  • Get proof of document review – Make review of the document required or optional for future residents.
  • Reduce resident confusion – Residents will have one designated area within Updater to review important documents. 
  • Clear instructions for residents – Add custom instructions to the document review step,letting residents know what to look for or next steps.

Our important documents workflow allows future residents to easily find and review critical community documents and provides proof of review to onsite teams.

Click here to learn how to use the new feature.