Introducing key pickup reservations

Keys have undergone major technological advances since their invention in the 6th Century BC, from old-fashioned metal to fobs and keyless entry controlled by smartphones. While smart locks are growing in popularity, a recent NAA study revealed that 53% of multifamily operators use metal keys exclusively.

Key pick-up is generally reserved as the last step in getting future residents moved into their new apartment homes. Onsite teams wait until all required tasks are complete before handing over keys to residents – a coveted milestone for residents. But coordinating key pickup is still a tedious step leading to resident confusion or safety hazards i.e. under welcome mats. Given the crucial nature of this step, easing the pain of key pickup for residents is just as crucial as ever.

Today, we’re pleased to launch a new feature that allows future residents to schedule when to pick up their keys. Key Pickup gives you:

  • A flexible solution – Link out to your calendar of choice i.e. Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and more.
  • Less manual scheduling – Residents can send their preferred times for leasing teams to review.
  • Stay in the driver’s seat – Leasing teams review scheduling requests with the option to approve or deny on their terms.
  • Clear instructions for residents – Add custom instructions to this step to let residents know where to go to pick up their keys or what to bring with them, like a state or federal ID.

A streamlined key pick-up scheduling process will reduce confusion for residents and keep things moving for leasing teams. Learn how to customize and then view the enhancements in your dashboard.