Introducing loading dock reservations

A study carried out by IBM showed that the annual cumulative time that office workers spent waiting for an elevator in New York City added up to over 16 years In high-density urban areas, trucks and vehicles are not allowed to block a building’s entrance due to safety hazards, permit requirements, and zoning regulations. As a solution, many communities offer residents access to loading docks on moving day. 

Loading docks, like freight elevators, are limited and must be reserved for personal use by residents ahead of their move. Many communities offer the option to reserve 3 or 4-hour blocks of time so residents can successfully unload their trucks and complete their move. Given this step’s time sensitivity, ensuring residents can book access to the loading dock on preferred days is crucial to keep their move on track.

Today, we’re pleased to launch a new feature that allows future residents to schedule their preferred days and time block for loading dock use within their community. Loading Dock gives you:

  • A flexible solution – Link out to your calendar of choice i.e. Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and more.
  • Less manual scheduling – Residents can send their preferred times for leasing teams to review.
  • Stay in the driver’s seat – Leasing teams review scheduling requests with the option to approve or deny on their terms.
  • Clear instructions for residents – Add custom instructions to this step to let residents know where to go to reserve loading docks and whether a COI is required. 

A streamlined loading dock scheduling process will reduce confusion for residents and keep things moving for leasing teams. Learn how to customize and then view the enhancements in your dashboard.