Introducing Resident Link

TransUnion recently released a survey showing that seven in 10 renters (73%) would be more likely to make on-time rent payments if property managers reported rent payments to a credit bureau. Furthermore, when asked to choose between two similar properties 67% of residents said they would choose the rental unit with reporting already in place. 

Rental reporting has been gain traction recently and is a popular amenity among multifamily communities.  Residents are rewarded for on-time payments and The rental payment history helps renters establish and build good credit, which is essential for their future financial success. Property managers who implement rent reporting see a decrease in late payments – a big incentive for property owners. 

For those reasons, we’re pleased to launch Resident Link which allows residents to register for rent reporting in their respective communities. Resident Link gives communities and residents :

  • A Robust Amenity – Have your community stand out by offering one of residents’ most coveted amenities. 
  • Easier Access – Residents can click straight from the Updater dashboard to register with Resident Link
  • Track Ancillary Revenue – Easily keep track of how many residents have signed up for Resident Link.  . 

An established rental reporting system will help make your community stand out, incentivize on-time rental payments and set your residents up for financial success.

Learn how to customize and then view the enhancements in your dashboard.