Introducing Insurance: Helping Movers Secure Coverage at a Stressful Time

We’re excited to announce the release of Updater’s latest feature that will help streamline the moving process and drastically improve the insurance purchasing experience of your residents and clients.

We strive to make sure that no mover pain point is ever overlooked. Updater’s new feature — “Secure Your Insurance” — located within the User Dashboard, will reduce the amount of time spent on insurance logistics, allowing movers to seamlessly secure insurance coverage for auto, home, renters, motorcycle, boat, and umbrella.

When someone moves, transitions in insurance policies are often required. With “Secure Your Insurance,” Updater is now able to help movers figure out exactly what they need and then help them secure it. Simply put, we’re removing the guessing game from the insurance purchasing process.

We’ve listened to our users, and what we heard was that movers struggle with insurance logistics during their move. Since easing the stress of the moving process runs deep to our core, it only makes sense that we’d help answer our users’ insurance questions and connect them with experts in the field.

How it Works

The new insurance feature solves for the fact that most movers don’t know how their insurance needs are going to change when they move. This feature has one main purpose: to connect a mover to an insurance agent that can help them make the best insurance decisions possible. Those decisions are based on a need for the best price and best coverage.

The Details

The “Secure Your Insurance” step is accessible via the Updater User Dashboard. Once selected, users are guided through a personal insurance workflow, where they are directed to choose their insurance needs — renters, homeowners, auto, boat, motorcycle, or umbrella coverage — and are asked a few additional supporting questions.

Below is a detailed look at the workflow users will experience:

Specifically for Our Property Management Partners

Our former renters insurance feature was a great way to introduce and drive signups of your preferred renters insurance providers. Internal Updater statistics showed that renters insurance signups significantly increased when preferred providers were featured within Updater. On average, 30% of residents who clicked into a preferred renters insurance step made a purchase.

While this step was extremely helpful, we knew that movers sought additional insurance options and wanted to have access to a more comprehensive view of the market. This new insurance feature layers in additional coverage options to allow your residents to accomplish more in one Updater visit.

Your preferred renters insurance provider will remain prominently displayed to your residents, and “Required” banners will remain to continue driving urgency.

The Rollout

“Secure Your Insurance” is currently live in select markets and will gradually be released across the country by the end of 2018.

If you’re an Updater Real Estate partner and have additional questions or want to know when “Secure Your Insurance” will reach your area, we’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to your Success Manager with any questions or concerns.