Introducing Updater’s Updated User Dashboard

We pride ourselves on the fact that Updater has become synonymous with function, efficiency, and simplicity, but we never take that position for granted. That’s why – after years of watching and learning how movers use Updater, and months of development – we’ve released a new and improved Updater User Dashboard for our users.

Individuals have unique needs during their moves and will take their own value from our software. No one workflow is going to prepare all Americans for their move. Therefore, our new User Dashboard introduces a smart timeline and grouping in order to guide the user through the moving process in the easiest and most efficient manner possible. Urgent tasks are prioritized, while the page is dynamic — changing based on the specifics of a particular move.

Notice how tasks are prioritized, with “Must-Do’s” at the top. Moving is complicated, so we’re simplifying the “when” question. When do I reach out to moving companies? When do I transfer my electric service? We help users answer all their questions.

The new User Dashboard also features improvements to the design and interface, a toll-free number with expanded access to our team of superb Moving Concierges, and an epic downloadable moving checklist — helping users organize and complete the most crucial elements of their move.

Why the evolution?

We’ve helped over one million people move and that’s taught us a lot about how people move. We estimate that the average move includes over 50 crucial tasks which need to be handled as you prepare for the big day. What we’ve learned has given us valuable insight into the process of moving and how we can further relieve pressure and alleviate stress. We’re able to leverage our knowledge to help guide users not only in what tasks need to be accomplished but also in what order they should be completed.

The evolution of the design also allows us to iterate rapidly — testing and measuring outcomes to further simplify and automate the moving process.

Remember how complicated completing your taxes used to be, before software such as TurboTax? You were left to your own devices — gathering all of your personal documents, figuring out what deductions you could claim, and then standing in line at the post office. This is how moving largely works today. You need to put your own plan together and stick to a self-imposed schedule.

With the evolution of our User Dashboard, we’ve taken a page out of the TurboTax playbook, organizing the moving process into a guided and flexible workflow. No longer do movers need to guess when to complete tasks such as transferring their utilities and forwarding their mail, our dashboard now guides them seamlessly through prioritized tasks based on their move date.

Meet the new Updater 

Take a tour of the new features and design with our VP of Product, Stephen Dove, and Senior Product Manager, Gretchen Altman.

For existing clients

Want to make sure your teams are up-to-speed with the update? No worries, we’ve created a one-sheet for you to easily pass along to your teams:

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