Updater + Assurant Integration Snapshot

Residents need to accomplish dozens of tasks to be ready for move-in day, including securing renter’s insurance. Updater’s seamless integration with Assurant’s H04 and Cover360 products makes the process easier than ever for your future residents. This integration ensures your residents are fully insured and meet your requirements before moving in, safeguarding your communities from unexpected damages.

Key features:

  • Make insurance mandatory: You can now make purchasing renter’s insurance a mandatory task within Updater, ensuring 100% resident compliance.
  • Customized insurance details: Provide residents with specific insurance requirements tailored to each community.
  • Automated reminders: Residents receive automated reminders to secure insurance, easing the process leading up to move-in day.
  • Select a payment plan (Assurant H04): Residents can conveniently select a payment plan and complete their hassle-free checkout process within Updater, alongside other payments for internet, moving services, and more.
  • Bundle insurance with rent (Assurant Cover360): Residents can conveniently bundle renter’s insurance with their rent in a single, hassle-free checkout process within Updater.
  • Automatic data population: Resident and property information, along with preset requirements, are automatically populated, reducing redundant data entry.

Key benefits:

  • Property protection: Safeguard your properties before residents move in, minimizing potential risks.
  • Time savings: Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks like explaining insurance requirements, manual phone and email reminders, and dealing with uninsured move-ins.
  • Enhanced resident experience: Create a seamless shopping experience for residents, eliminating the need to navigate multiple websites for move-in tasks.
  • Boost ancillary revenue: Promoting specific providers as “recommended by the community” within the Updater moving app can lead to a significant 27% increase in that provider’s market share, positively impacting Assurant partners’ ancillary revenue.

Walkthrough a resident’s shopping experience 


Allow residents to bundle renter’s insurance with rent with Cover360

Allow residents to easily purchase renter’s insurance and notify their property manager inside Updater with h04

If you’re interested in enabling the Updater + Assurant integration, let us know!