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Shentel Internet Review

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While regarded as one of the smaller internet services providers (ISP) in terms of its coverage area, Shenandoah Telecommunications, more commonly known as Shentel, is the 23rd largest provider of cable internet and TV in the US. That’s no small feat considering the ISP only serves West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, and Virginia.

Shentel offers internet, phone, and TV services and if you live in their service area, you may want to learn whether Shentel is the right ISP for you. Learning about internet packages and pricing, key considerations, and how Shentel sizes up against other ISPs is key to making an educated decision.

Who is Shentel internet for?

Shentel is a small, localized ISP and households that don’t want to deal with the bigger players in the market might find Shentel to be a good fit. The ISP offers copper, fiber, cable, fixed wireless, and DSL internet, and customers are encouraged to bundle their internet products with phone and TV services to benefit from discounts.

Those who sign up for Shentel internet can choose from the following packages:

  • The 50Mbps plan is Shentel’s entry-level option and is suitable for households where four or five devices stream simultaneously. It can support gaming too. However, that will depend on the ping rate of the connection and whether the user will need to access streaming along with gaming. This can limit usage to around two users. Costing approximately $65/month, this package includes internet security and data protection and a data cap of 1TB.
  • A popular option is Shentel’s 150Mbps plan at $80/month. This speed will suit households with higher internet demands and can support ten to fifteen devices streaming simultaneously. However, for ultra high definition (UHD) streaming and high-level gaming, a higher speed might be recommended for this same number of devices. This plan has a data cap of 1.25TB.
  • A 300Mbps connection with Shentel will cost $110/month. This is suitable for households with higher-demand internet usage and the speed tier can support multiple devices streaming along with gaming and connected smart appliances. A 1.75TB data cap applies to this plan.
  • Ultra-fast internet suitable for extreme gaming is Shentel’s promise with their 1Gbps package at $200/month. This package includes free wall-to-wall Wi-Fi and users can expect a 3.25TB data cap.

Households that prefer a bit of flexibility can sign up for Shentel’s prepaid internet service that offers 25Mbps at $45/month. There is no monthly contract, and the plan doesn’t require credit checks. Customers won’t receive a monthly bill either, as they simply choose to extend the services from month-to-month. What’s more, customers don’t have to maintain the service over consecutive months and can choose to refill their accounts only when internet service is needed.

It’s important to note that all of Shentel’s internet packages include data caps that range from 1TB for its entry-level plan to 3.25TB for the 1Gbps plan. Households that have higher demands and exceed these data caps can expect to pay an additional $10 per 50GB. To curb this, Shentel offers unlimited data for an additional $30/month on select plans. New subscribers may sign up for unlimited data when ordering new services, and existing customers can contact Shentel to find out about adding unlimited data to their current plan.

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Key considerations

Before signing up with Shentel, it’s important to consider a few key points.

How long is the contract price locked in?

Shentel’s internet packages run on an annual basis. Shentel also offers a basic prepaid option that doesn’t lock customers into a contract.

Are there data overage charges?

Yes, there are overage charges of $10 per 50GB. Shentel allows users to track data usage and can also provide alerts to let subscribers know when they are nearing their monthly data allowance.

As an alternative option, Shentel offers unlimited data for $30/month on select packages. That means you can pay the predictable extra fee for unlimited data and avoid unplanned overage costs.

Are there discounts if I bundle with other services (such as TV or phone)?

Shentel encourages users to bundle their internet, TV, and phone services. According to Shentel, users can save up to $20/month by bundling.

Does Shentel internet offer any add-on services?

Shentel internet offers wall-to-wall Wi-Fi that ensures coverage is available throughout your entire space. This works well for larger houses, properties with thick walls, and multi-level homes. There is a monthly charge of $12.95 for the additional equipment and service enhancements.

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What others say about Shentel internet

Shenandoah Telecommunications may have been around for over a century, but there aren’t many reviews out there apart from staff lauding the company for being a good place to work for.

However, Shentel has earned an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB), a testament to the company’s longevity and focus on customer service. Companies need to show that they respond to complaints, work to reduce complaints, and cooperate with the BBB to receive an A+ rating.

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How does Shentel internet compare to other providers?

Shentel offers its services in four states and provides high-speed internet in some locales that may not have other options. While the company’s service area is limited, this allows the brand to focus on delivering quality services to customers. The company also invests a significant portion of its earnings into expansion efforts.

That said, Shentel might not compare too well with larger players purely based on cost. For instance, AT&T offers a 5Gbps uncapped plan for $180/month, while the best Shentel can do is 1Gbps uncapped for $230/month. When compared with another small, localized provider, Shentel is still out-priced. Cincinnati Bell offers an unlimited package on a 1Gbps connection for under $70/month.

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Available download speeds
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Plans as low as
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Curious what internet and TV plans are available locally?

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