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TDS Internet Review

Curious what internet and TV plans are available locally?

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Established in 1969, the Telephone and Data Systems company, now known as TDS, is a telecom company that specializes in providing telephone, internet, and television services to customers in rural and suburban areas of the US as well as certain urban areas. Today, TDS Telecom has over 2 million customers in 31 states with Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Michigan among the states with the most coverage. Their offerings include ten high-speed internet plans, as well as the ability to combine internet services with TV and/or home phone.

​If your address happens to fall into any of the states where TDS is available and you are looking for a reliable internet service provider (ISP) with a variety of packages to choose from, then TDS internet service might be a good fit for you.

Who is TDS internet for?

TDS has a variety of plans for different sets of people. Some of these plans are provided over their fiber-optic network, which explains why they can provide such high speeds for their customers.

The Turbo Internet package, priced at $25.95/month for 15Mbps, is one of the starter plans TDS offers. It is great for those who prefer light browsing. The upload speeds range from 768Kbps to 2Mbps, which is sufficient for web browsing, chatting, and music streaming.

The Mach Internet plan, which offers 25Mbps at $39.95/month, is a great deal for consumers who want a little more. With this plan, you can stream video, surf the web and even play games that don’t require too much bandwidth.

TDS also sells a 300Mbps plan called Extreme300 priced at $55.95/month. This speed has enough bandwidth to surf the internet, stream movies and play online games without interruption. You can even connect multiple devices at the same time without having to worry about lag.

The Extreme600 offers speeds of 600Mbps at a monthly price of $65 while the 1Gig Fiber Internet plan has speeds up to 1000Mbps at $85/month. These fiber plans are perfect for high-end users, households, and small offices with multiple people performing bandwidth-consuming activities.*

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Key considerations

Can I get all these speeds and plans in my area?

The availability of these speeds and plans varies depending on where you are located. However, customers may discover TDS internet service that meets their speed and financial needs thanks to the large selection of internet plans available.

Can I bundle packages? 

Customers of TDS can bundle their internet, TV, and phone services. After entering a zip code on the company’s website, the available packages and any taxes and fees are revealed.

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What others say about TDS internet

Despite having been around for a long time, TDS is a fairly small company when compared to some of the more popular ISPs. Therefore, they don’t get as much attention from most of the standard rating and ranking sites. Still, there are some helpful comments about TDS internet on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. For instance, David R. says, “When we first had TDS internet service we were well satisfied with the speeds upload and download.”

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How does TDS internet compare to other providers?

Competition has always been an important factor when it comes to internet providers as it ensures that consumers get the best possible services. TDS has had to contend with competitors such as Spectrum, Cox, Xfinity amongst others. Their biggest advantage however is their ability to deliver high-speed fiber optic internet services to rural locations across the US.

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*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our internet service page. Prices as of 2/16/22.

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Available download speeds
15 1000 Mbps
Plans as low as
25.95 /mo
for just
12 months

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Curious what internet and TV plans are available locally?

Enter your address to find out what providers and plans are available to you.

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