Quality of Life Makes Boston a Top Moving Destination

The Boston metro area offers more to its residents than an outstanding reputation for Ivy League schools. Boston was ranked as the number one U.S. city in Deutsche Bank’s list of cities with the highest quality of life in the world. The rankings were based on factors such as safety, health care, cost of living, property price to income ratio, purchasing power, traffic commute time, pollution, and climate. Boston beat out U.S. cities like Chicago and San Francisco to rank eighth worldwide. Overall quality of life helped make Boston the 14th most moved-to destination in 2017 — according to Updater’s annual moving destinations report that ranks the top 15 most moved-to destinations in the U.S.

These aggregated moving trends were determined by analyzing 1,000,0000 anonymous household moves, that took place between Jan. 1 and Oct. 1, 2017.

The best overall quality of life means a lot to families moving to Boston. With the highest number of hospitals per capita, Boston has been named the safest city for families with young children. Boston’s economy is also thriving and, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Boston is the best city for startups in the nation.

The Boston metro area has a population of almost 4.8 million, with a median home price of $439,000 and an average household income of just over $82K.

Updater’s Account Coordinator and proud Boston native, Allison Keane, had this to say about the city:

Boston is hands down my favorite city. I might be biased because it’s my home, but it has something for everyone: the history, the seafood, and — let’s be real — the sports. It’s also in the perfect location. An hour to the mountains and lakes in New Hampshire, an hour to beaches “down the Cape” (translation: on Cape Cod). It’s really a great place to live.

Here are a few more stats for why Boston is one of the top moving destinations in the nation.

The Boston metro area boasts:

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