Chicago is the Moving Destination that Has it All

Although it’s nicknamed the Second City, Chicago doesn’t take a backseat to any city when it comes to lifestyle options. With a booming jobs market, a world-class food scene, and a plethora of museums, the Chicago metro area is the city that has it all. It’s no wonder why Chicago ranks as the 10th most moved-to city in 2017 — according to Updater’s annual moving destinations report that ranks the top 15 most moved-to destinations in the U.S.

These aggregated moving trends were determined by analyzing 1,000,0000 anonymous household moves, that took place between Jan. 1 and Oct. 1, 2017.

Chicago’s ability to meld the culture of its unique neighborhoods into one eclectic and diverse city is a big part of why it’s so appealing to both long-time residents and new transplants. Chicago was rated as the number one big U.S. city by 300,000 readers of Condé Nast Traveler. In response, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel responded in an official statement saying:

This title is a testament to the innovation found in our amazing architecture, the ingenuity captured at our award-winning restaurants and 67 breweries, and the congenial character of Chicagoans. While our 77 neighborhoods each have unique cultures and characteristics, we are one Chicago, and we are proud of this distinction.

The Chicago metro area has a population of just over 9.5 million, with a median home price of $239,000 and an average household income of just over $66K.

A former Chicago transplant and one of Updater’s own, David Blanke, had this to say about the city:

I moved to Chicago after college. Before moving there, I never knew that a city could feel like a town. Although Chicago is very large, I always felt my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods were very cozy and inviting. Each had its own personality. Every weekend I spent long days exploring them and I’d often end up at the edge of Lake Michigan, wondering how it wasn’t an ocean.

Here are a few more stats for why Chicago is one the top moving destinations in the nation.

The Chicago metro area boasts:

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