June at Updater: a Sweet Start to the Summer

It’s officially summertime, and the livin’ is easy. This June, the Updater team was especially busy, both in and out of the office. Check out what we’ve been up to!

We attended a few big property management events

If you’ve never been to the National Apartment Association’s annual Education Conference, it’s a sight to see. Puppies at booths (thanks ApartmentList!), LED waterfalls streaming from Entrata’s booth, and of course, 3 Dogwood Night.

What’s that? You’ve only heard of 3 Dog Night, the 1960’s rock band? Well, please allow us to introduce you to 3 Dogwood Night, the un-official band of the apartment industry, made up of multiple multifamily professionals. Their claim to fame is rocking all apartment industry conventions – see here:

Getting back to business though…this year, we sent our largest team to date, as our property management team has grown exponentially in the last year. It was absolutely incredible to meet up with so many fantastic clients, learn a ton in each of the education sessions, and meet companies that we’re jazzed about reconnecting with.

View our full conference recap here.

We also joined our partners, Trinity Property Consultants, at their Star Wars-themed conference in Las Vegas. It was an awesome experience for Wade and Patrick to promote Updater to Trinity’s property management on-site forces (see what we did there?).

Last but certainly not least, our Success Manager Landis got her hula on at a Greystar Hawaiian themed training in Atlanta!

Our team grew (again) this month

This month, we had our first People Experience Manager join our team – welcome Ashley Lunsford! Curious what a PEM does? Ashley’s role is to always be one step ahead when it comes to managing our office, our people, and our culture. She basically gets to make everyone happy and be Updater’s biggest cheerleader, ensuring that all employees have an incredible experience. We call her the Fun Manager 🙂

We launched our new “Find a Mover” feature

Our new Find A Mover tool makes finding a reputable, trustworthy moving company a breeze. “Find A Mover” is designed to bring you a credible online destination for discovering the best moving companies. Our Updater Certified Moving Companies have already been pre-vetted for you – happy moving!

We introduced a few new employees to the world

All Updater team members receive an opportunity to say hello to the world through their “Meet Updater” blog feature. In June, a few of our men stepped up to introduce themselves. Check out the following posts:

Blue Thomas, Director of Services Engineering

Justin Rhoades, Backend Engineer

Stephen Dove, VP of Product

Patrick Quintavalle, Client Success Manager

We celebrated National Donut Day

Yes, this is a real thing. Yes, we celebrate it every year.

Rudy was sad he couldn’t have any.

Patrick’s desk was princessified

Patrick, one of our property management Success Managers, loves a good prank. On the top of his list is the infamous Potato Parcel message. However, this month, Ariana got him back, and got him back GOOD. Patrick was away at a conference in Las Vegas and came home to a princess-worthy royal desk.

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