Meet Updater: Justin Rhoades, Backend Engineer

When you’re as great of a problem solver as Justin Rhoades, you’re sure to have some great moving hacks up your sleeve! We sat down with Justin to talk about moving experiences, the greatest parts about working at Updater, and naturally, the zombie apocalypse.

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in San Diego, California.

How many times have you moved?

I’ve moved 11 times now.

Do you have a moving horror story?

Luckily, no! 

What’s your best piece of moving advice? 

When you’re moving to a new place, the best piece of advice I could offer is to not take anything with you. (except for people and animals, of course!)

You’re about to move. What would you make sure to never do again?

I made the mistake of not hiring movers once… never again.

What do you see as the biggest industry problem?

Having to figure out what services are available and getting them set up, especially in a long distance move, is what I see as the biggest industry problem.

What are 2 personal tidbits about you?

I love taking things apart and rebuilding them (which doesn’t always work out), and I also love snowboarding.

What are 4 things you can’t live without?

Music, my computer, good weather, and friends & family.

What’s your favorite Saturday Night Live skit? 

Wayne’s World

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant?

McDonalds for the McFlurries and apple pie.

You can only eat one food for the rest of your life. What is it?

Sushi, hands down.

It’s the zombie apocalypse. Where do you hide?

Any arctic research center, duh.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Updater?

I love working at Updater because I find myself learning from the team every single day.

What’s the best part about working on a small team?

Working on a small team allows me to interact with people and genuinely get to know them each day that I’m working alongside them.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

We have coffee in the office, of course I’ll be there! I also love getting to solve complicated problems 😉