Meet Updater: Michael Breiner, Tech and Sales Ops Manager

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Updater? Our Tech and Sales Ops Manager, Michael Breiner, charts his long journey at Updater (from intern to managing tech-ops), what makes it special to work alongside such a driven team, and a few of his own moving horror stories.

Tell us about your role at Updater…

I manage Tech and Sales Ops, which includes me having a hand (and sometimes a foot) in every department. Wearing many hats and juggling lots of responsibilities on the tech side of things keeps it all interesting. Specifically, my main focuses are on administering, developing on, and implementing our Salesforce platform, QA, and reporting on and analyzing our KPI’s.

How long have you been working at Updater?

Almost 2 years

Do you have a moving horror story?

I have moved four times in the last two years: Once to New York (where the moving truck I rented got robbed) and three times since I have been here…. all without hiring movers to help out!

What’s your best piece of moving advice?

Invest in a furniture dolly and moving dolly. Both are invaluable in the moving process. Also, pay someone to paint the walls of your new place before you move everything in.

What’s your favorite Updater memory?

We went on an 80’s ski trip to the Poconos that was incredibly fun, but watching all of my colleagues grow over the past two years easily surpasses that.

What’s one thing about the relocation industry that you didn’t know before working at Updater? 

Since I’ve never owned a home, I was never really aware the Title Insurance industry existed.

In your opinion, what’s Updater’s largest contribution to the relocation industry?

Preparation is vital for the moving process. You think that just packing up your stuff in one place and unpacking it in another is all that you really need to worry about, but it’s not! We are addressing a problem before it happens for our customers.

What’s the largest item you’ve ever had to carry on the subway?

My mattress. Worst ever.

What’s the first website/app you check in the morning?


Describe your ideal moving experience.

Someone does it for me.

What’s your favorite part about working at Updater?

The people at Updater are amazing. Everyone here is extremely driven. We all motivate each other, but no one takes themselves too seriously. It’s an amazing group of people, and we really are a big family here.

How did you come to work at Updater?

I moved to New York without anything (including a place to live!) and knew I wanted to work for a tech startup. The only position available at Updater at the time was a BizOps Internship. Updater was a company that I was absolutely crazy about and knew that If I killed it here, they would be forced to take me on full-time. Long story short, I was brought on full time in less than a month and am now the fifth longest tenured employee at Updater.

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant?



Indianapolis, Indiana… Go Colts!