Meet Updater: Niket Sanghvi, Senior Product Manager

Please say “hello” to Niket Sanghvi, our Senior Product Manager, a lover of home renovations and Mexican food. Tacos anyone? Niket joined us in August 2020 and has been building a more efficient moving experience ever since.

Where did you grow up?

Buffalo Grove, IL.

How many times have you moved?

Eleven times. Once cross country (IL to WA), and once interstate (WA to CA).

Wow, you must be an expert by now. Do you have a moving horror story?

Yes. When my wife and I set out to move from Seattle to San Francisco, we decided to do it all on our own to save money. We found the biggest boxes we could and packed them to the brim – each one weighed about 100 pounds. With a decade’s worth of junk from two people (we’re not hoarders, I swear!) that was a lot of heavy boxes. I lugged them down the elevator on my own and used the $10 dolly we bought at the local home store to get them closer to the truck. I then proceeded to lift box after box and wiggle them into place in the truck we rented. What I hoped would be 3 hours ended up being 5 hours. On the drive down to California, I told my wife we better find some movers to lug this up to our 2nd-floor apartment.

Ha, it sounds like you learned your lesson! In an effort to help our movers avoid the same nightmare, what’s your best piece of moving advice?

Hire a moving company. Don’t pack. Don’t rent a truck. Unpack yourself if you’re as particular as I am.

Let’s say you’re about to move. What would you make sure to never do again?

Pack my own stuff, load it into a truck myself, and unload it myself. Hire a moving company.

You have strong opinions about moving! Is this how you landed at Updater? 🙂

Not exactly! I was looking for a company with great people and a strong business opportunity. Someplace I would be able to enjoy work, grow in my career, and have an impact on our customers’ lives.

What’s your favorite part of working at Updater?

The humble, collaborative, hardworking team members in the trenches with me every day.

Is there anything that keeps you up at night?

We have a great set of opportunities ahead of us at Updater. It’s impossible to do it all quickly – we have to ruthlessly prioritize.

Let’s shift gears. You can only eat one food for the rest of your life – what is it?

Mexican food! Burritos, tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, tortas, bowls…

What do you do to unwind after all that Mexican food?

Cook, hike, or build something with my hands.

What are two personal tidbits most people don’t know about you?

I love the outdoors and I love renovating the home I own.

Bonus question: what’s your favorite Saturday Night Live skit?

Weekend Update (Tina Fey edition)