Updater Has a Brand-New HQ! See It Here First

Updater has grown a lot in the past year. In 2016 alone, we nearly doubled the size of our team — from 25 to just shy of 50 employees. Our office was filled to the brim. Take a look:

That’s why we spent 12 weeks this fall building out a custom penthouse loft with sweeping views of Union Square Park in New York City. It was time for a new HQ for our growing team. From the raw shell of a space that — formerly home to Pandora — we chose everything from where the walls should be to the style of the keg tap handles (undoubtedly one of our favorite decisions to make). People have asked us why we spent so much time building out an entirely personalized office, and our response is always: people first. Our team comes first, and they deserve a work environment that inspires collaboration and creativity.

One of the many views from our new HQ.

A look at Updater’s new HQ

Photo credit: Brandi Whitlock and Lauren Sarfati

You can see more photos and check out our incredible time-lapse videos of the buildout and our custom-made mural right here.

What our team values

We started the buildout process by asking our team what they valued in a new office. With responses all over the board (seriously… everything from quiet nap lounges to top-of-the-line video conferencing solutions to a double rainbow maker), we narrowed it down to a few core ideals:

  • Flexibility. People wanted the flexibility to work sitting or standing. So we bought Herman Miller desks that electronically raise and lower. People wanted greater flexibility when it comes to working from home, so our entire remote team received a stipend to improve their home offices. People wanted the flexibility to meet whenever and wherever, so we quadrupled the number of conference rooms and built them in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • The tools needed to get the job done. This includes new monitors for our engineers, incredible video conferencing software (so that every meeting with a remote teammate can be done face to face), easy access to a metrics dashboard with over a dozen TVs across the space, and a huge upgrade in physical space — giving us each additional breathing room.

  • Professional development. Millennials make up a large portion of our team, making it crucial for us to have advancement, learning, and growth opportunities available. As a metaphorical welcome to the new office, we hosted a DiSC “Flex Your Style” session with ThinkHuman. It was great to see where we fall on the various spectrums and to learn how to better communicate with one another in our new space.

It’s a new year and a new Updater, and we’re all excited to see what the future holds!

New hood, new hoodie!

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