How to Land One of Updater’s Top Internship Spots

We know that landing an internship with Updater is different than landing an internship almost anywhere else. Now that we’re ranked as one of the top 100 internship programs in the nation — coming in at 54 — we think it’s time to chat a little more about our program, pull back the curtain, and explain exactly what makes our internships unique and how you can snag a spot on our team.

You don’t need to look far to read a ton of general advice about landing an internship at a giant company. But we’re not a giant company or your everyday startup. Something that is difficult to come across, however, is advice on landing an internship that’s right for you. As Updater’s current content marketing intern, I’m here to help! From first-hand experience, I can tell you that it’s a great place to be. Now, let’s dive into what we’re all about.

We’re a small team that utilizes and develops the talent of its interns — with fantastic results — and we want to share the love with any and all potential applicants. We believe interns possess incredible potential and we want you to prove us right. So here’s your guide to landing an internship with Updater!

Decide what type of internship will let you shine

We offer multiple internships for our spring, summer, and fall internship cycles. Take a look at our openings and continue checking back, as we’re constantly adding new positions. Having a little background on what Updater interns are responsible for and what’s expected of them goes a long way when deciding which opportunity suits you best.

Updater interns are held to the same standards as the full-time employees on our team and are treated as such. So, when choosing the internship to apply to, lean toward the opportunity where you can expand upon the skills you already possess or the area that you’re the most passionate about. We’re responsible for providing a supportive environment to learn, but we need you to supply the skills and definitely the passion. If you’re really split between two positions, apply for one and mention in your cover letter that you’re potentially interested in others.

We spend a lot of time writing our job listings, so delve into each line, assess every element, and address how your skills will be applicable. This effort will also help you plan your cover letter. 

Write the most epic cover letter, ever

The cover letter is our first chance to hear your voice — figuratively. Use it as a tool to simultaneously introduce your point of view and show us that you understand our business and the role we’re looking to fill. This may require some specific ideas and correlations.

Perhaps you’re new to the Relotech industry, we get that. First, learn what Relotech is and then learn everything you can about us, from us. This isn’t so you can list all of our clients by name in the interview — although that would be impressive. It’s so you can see how your skills would benefit our team and then explain that rationale (this is your value proposition)!

We spend a lot of time curating our website and selectively adding information for our clients’ use. This is your opportunity to see what you can glean from the product page and blog posts to further your understanding of what Updater does. Do your best here, you don’t need to become a Relotech expert overnight, but you do want to show us you can become one in time.

At the end of the day, you want to show us that you understand what we do, share our passion, and can be a valuable contribution to our team. But, we also want to see your personality. So, get creative with your cover letter — within reason — and show us why you’re interested in joining our team.

Rock your resume

Just because you may not have a ton of work experience, that’s no reason to shy away from the experience you do have. Use your resume to tell us your unique story. If it feels relevant, include it. That means if you just so happened to write a term paper on property management technology, include it! Applying for an events marketing internship and happened to have organized the rush events for your sorority? Include that, too.

A good resume should answer questions as well as lead to a conversation in the interview. As a current student or a recent graduate, you’re not expected to have years of work experience, but you are expected to be able to explain how the experience and passion you do have will help you shine as an Updater intern.

Pay attention to application details

Now that you’ve assembled the two major building blocks of your application, all that’s left is filling out and submitting the application itself. This is just a formality, right? Well, the reason we mention it is that this final bit of legwork is important when showing us that you’re paying attention. 

There have been applicants who did not fill out sections of the application — which often translates to a person who doesn’t pay attention to details — and we want to ensure you’re not in that category. What do we mean exactly by details? Well, directing us to (and updating) your LinkedIn profile and answering any additional questions included in the application (not simply regurgitating a portion of your cover letter) are great places to start. It’s the little things that promote the consistent message that you’re awesome and need to be seriously considered for our internship!

Tackling the phone screening

Like the cover letter, the phone interview is our first chance to hear your voice — literally. This initial interview is a great way to put your best foot forward and clarify what you’ve highlighted in your cover letter and resume. Be prepared to talk about yourself, your experiences, what you know about Updater, and what interests you about interning with us.

Create a reference sheet for yourself to use during the interview. Then, jot down a few answers to commonly asked questions or topics you think we might touch on. Our advice is to know your script, but don’t die by it. It’s better to go with the flow of the conversation than to force an answer from prepared talking points. 

Ultimately, the phone screen is a mini interview. Build upon what you have established prior, learn everything you can about the position, and address any confusion you have about the role. In other words, ask questions!

Shining during your in-person interview

This is what you’ve been angling for since the beginning, the chance to sit down with a member of the Updater crew and tell us why you’re the best person for the job. While this is your chance to sell yourself, it’s also our opportunity to sell you on what we do. As a general rule of thumb, an interview should not only help decide whether you’re a good fit for us, but also whether we’re a good fit for you. It’s a two-way street.

So, while you’re working hard to sell yourself, make sure that you’re also paying attention to whether you can see yourself interning with us. If you can’t feel yourself getting excited to take on the responsibilities of the internship, that’s a good indication this internship isn’t a perfect match.

With that said, how exactly should you prepare for your Updater interview? Well, there’s no set formula for nailing your in-person chat. Some advice we can offer is to have a good idea of what you want to convey to us and practice saying it aloud. This is more a matter of becoming familiar with your responses than of memorization. In fact, don’t memorize anything. But, if your interviewer asks a question about an instance where you were unprepared for a task yet still excelled, having an example in your back pocket won’t hurt.

We’re a pretty straightforward and friendly bunch, so if you haven’t been on a ton of interviews, that’s okay. Practice makes perfect. So grab a friend with a bit more interviewing experience than yourself and run some practice questions. Even if you aren’t asked any of those exact questions, the practice will help ease your nerves on the big day.

Other quick tips:

  • Bring a notebook and a pen and use them – jot down any interesting points your interviewers mention for reference later in the conversation. 
  • Dress the part – we’re pretty casual around the office, but jeans aren’t interviewing attire. A safe bet with us is business casual, so leave your suit at home. 
  • Bring a few copies of your resume – this is always a good idea.

What to do after your interview

So, now that you’ve completed the interview, you’re finished! Almost. It’s a great idea to send your interviewer(s) a thank you email. Exactly how long you wait is up to you, but it’s best if the interview is still fresh in your mind. We recommend within 24 hours. 

What exactly goes into a thank you email? A few key things, the obvious one being a thank you. You can also mention anything that piqued your interest, a question that came to mind, or something new that you learned from us. Be genuine and your message will come through.

Still waiting to hear back from us? Hiring at Updater is an important and collaborative process, so we take the time to give each candidate the consideration they deserve. That being said, feel free to reach out to us for updates. We’ll be straight-up about our timeline and when you can expect a response. All things considered, we’re pretty punctual.

One final note

We’re not looking for a specific person when we put out a call for an internship. We’re looking for a whole bunch of specific people. Meaning, there’s a diverse group of people who would be perfect for an internship with Updater, but they all share the ambition and drive to excel here. This may sound a little cliche, but it’s cliche and true. 

So, whether you’re pursuing a career in real estate, marketing, or applied physics (seriously), you’re a current student or a graduate, you’re from NYC or spending the summer here, reach out to us. We want to hear from you!