5 Tips for Property Managers from the Hotel Industry

A top-tier hotel experience is the epitome of luxury. Impeccable customer service and careful attention to detail both contribute to a deluxe, personalized stay for every hotel guest, striking the perfect balance between pampering them and making them feel right at home.

Although property managers provide a living situation with more permanence than that of a high-end resort, you can still give your residents a next-level experience. Here are 5 tips you can implement to help your residents feel a little more like they’re checking into a luxury hotel when they get home.

Add or upgrade your concierge service

For hotel guests, help is always just a phone call or trip to the reception desk away. The same should be true for your residents! Make sure someone is always readily available to address your residents’ needs and answer their questions in person, over the phone, and/or via email. Residents take comfort in knowing that all of their needs are considered, so adding or upgrading your concierge service can only increase that feeling of security and instant gratification.

Provide next-level amenities and services

Hotels have a knack for offering amenities that add a touch of luxury to their guests’ stay, which makes the overall experience feel more elite. To give your residents a similar experience, offer amenities that go above and beyond; think spas and massage centers, cooking classes, dry cleaning services, personal shoppers, boutique fitness classes, and pet grooming services. These extra amenities are the mints on your residents’ pillows, so to speak. They’re not essential services or amenities, but they can drastically improve your residents’ experience and overall satisfaction.

Implement thoughtful communal design

Most hotels have lounges or social spaces in which people can relax or do work. In this way, they suggest a sense of purposeful community without forcing it. Hotel guests will often flock to these spaces to make calls, get work done, or simply read a book. Though there may not be much interaction in these communal spaces, they present an opportunity for togetherness and address specific everyday needs. Consider how the layout of your space may influence your residents’ experience, and try to encourage a communal feel throughout your property’s design.

Avoid the word “no”

You’ll rarely, if ever, hear a hotel staff member say the word “no.” Instead, if a guest’s request cannot be granted, they’ll politely offer alternative solutions. Try to incorporate the same habit into your community’s routine. Even if you can’t give your residents exactly what they’d like, do your best to ensure the experience remains positive and the resident walks away happy, whether it’s simply done with a sympathetic ear or a different solution than expected.

Incorporate technology

Hotels offer technological solutions to make certain processes — like booking a room or checking in — much easier for guests. You can do the same at your property. By offering Updater, you’ll provide your residents with an all-in-one app for moving to help them complete every item on their moving checklist with ease. They’ll be able to seamlessly forward mail, connect utilities, send out digital moving announcements, and more — all within their own personalized dashboard.

Ready to give your residents a 5-star experience?