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7 ways the enhanced Updater experience will make life easier for multifamily residents and onsite teams

From stressful to stress-free, Updater’s new features for multifamily will bring bold new benefits to simplify the move-in process for residents and onsite teams.

The Updater team has spent the past 10 months consolidating 10 years of industry-leading experience into an even better Updater experience. We have so much in store for you and can’t wait to share all the great things we’ve been working on to make the move-in process more simple and efficient than ever. 

In our new experience, onsite teams will be able to seamlessly automate all critical move-in tasks prior to move-in day. 

Our Spring product launch includes a plethora of time-saving features here are 7 of the biggest improvements:

1. Enhanced Reporting

We’ve given Updater a brand-new look and feel that your residents will love to use. Updater will be available on both iOS and Android, as well as in any browser on any device.

2. Enhanced Reporting

Imagine having the ability to live-track if a resident has transferred their utilities or secured the proper insurance. Updater lets your teams review the move-in readiness of each future resident in real-time.

3. Seamless Integrations

Every time a resident completes a task in their Updater account, onsite teams will be able to track that activity inside a customized dashboard for their property.

4. Make it yours

Customize your resident’s move-in workflows uniquely to your specific property requirements. Onsite teams can log into their dashboard and designate all property move-in requirements, such as renters insurance, utilities, etc.

5. Preferred Providers

Introduce new residents to your preferred providers for everything from TV and internet to renters insurance. They’ll love the fully-integrated browse-and-shop experience for each product and service.

6. Provider Integrations

Updater directly integrates with the most popular providers across the country for TV and internet, moving services, insurance, and utilities. These integrations provide a smooth selection and purchase experience that saves your residents time and money during the moving process.

7. Clear communications

Consolidate all pre-move communications in one place to eliminate the risk of mix-ups or missed messages. Onsite teams can “nudge” residents to complete move-in tasks prior to move-in day, follow up on incomplete tasks, and more!

The new features will be available this Spring as a free upgrade for all multifamily partners. Please reach out to your Client Success Manager or contact us at [email protected] to schedule a walk-through of the new experience, learn how to customize your properties, and unlock all the new features.

Kasee Godwin
Kasee Godwin

Kasee Godwin is Updater's multifamily marketing lead. With over a decade of multifamily real estate experience, Kasee is passionate about bringing efficiency to the real estate world. She enjoys science fiction, Atlanta sports, and a nice glass of Pinot Noir.

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