8 Reasons Why Doing Good is Good for Moving Companies

Charitable activities might be top of mind (considering it’s December and the holidays are upon us), but there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t be thinking about corporate social responsibility all year.

I recently hosted a webinar for the American Moving & Storage Association’s (AMSA) young professionals group, 40 Below, called How To Incorporate Charitable Activities Into Your Brand. Moving companies, believe it or not, have incredible opportunities to be charitable. How often do nonprofits need to move offices or furniture and require large trucks on small budgets? How easy is it to purchase a truck that’s more fuel efficient? How many customers would prefer eco-friendly boxes/bins over new cardboard boxes?

The possibilities are endless. You can benefit society and yourselves at the same time; doing good is good for business. In fact, recent studies reveal that 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies. Think TOMS shoes, or Patagonia’s latest Black Friday efforts. These companies are genius and kind, and therefore, I want to buy their products.

As a moving company (or any company, really), here are 8 reasons why being a socially-responsible business is a brilliant idea.

It improves your public image

This one is simple. You can (and should!) publicize your efforts.

It increases your media coverage

The media — whether you like it or not — will cover both good and bad stories about your company. So give them more good stories to choose from. As an industry that (unfairly) doesn’t have the greatest reputation, moving companies should provide as many great stories as possible.

Who wouldn’t publicize this incredible Move for Hunger holiday truck?

You can innovate while doing good

In trying to be socially responsible, you have the potential to innovate on your own product or service. Think about buying a truck that’s more energy efficient. You’re saving the planet (one truck at a time!), saving money, and innovating on your product at the same time.

You can differentiate your brand

This used to be a primary reason for engaging in socially responsible activities, but doing good has nearly become the norm. It can still help you differentiate your brand, but you may need to work harder than ever before. Think plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes. Giving your customers a choice could give you the edge.

You can boost employee engagement

Employees like working for a company that has a good public image — one that is consistently in the media for the right reasons. Our employees recently competed to collect the most food for a seasonal Move For Hunger food drive. Talk about engagement! Competition was so intense that our office was practically overflowing with diapers, razors, and canned food for weeks. This photo was just the beginning…

You can create a positive work environment

See all those smiling faces? A strong culture of giving and doing the right thing creates a positive and productive atmosphere for everyone.

You can encourage professional and personal growth

In the photo above, you’ll see two of our Client Success Managers: Landis (holding the giant box of diapers above her head) and Lauren (in the red sweater). These ladies took it upon themselves to host this food drive and organize a 5K (also for a good cause!) this past fall. Not only is this fantastic for us and the charitable causes we support, but it’s also incredible for their professional and personal growth.

You can also improve customer perception and engagement

At the very least, doing good is one of the easiest things to talk to your customers about. If you can engage your customers in those efforts, even better.

It only takes a heart in the right place to get started, so please get out and do some good this season! Print double-sided. Buy a fuel efficient truck. Partner with Move For Hunger. Host a food drive. Use digital contracts and e-signatures. Start a recycling program. Offer recyclable bins or gently used cardboard boxes. Adopt bio-diesel fuel for your trucks. Every little bit helps.

Happy Holidays!