9 Holiday Charity Ideas for Moving Companies This Year

Supporting great causes and giving back during the holiday season is nothing new for moving companies. They’ve been involved with community outreach and have been collecting donations for generations, which is why so many moving companies have charitable partners. As a moving company, use your charitable giving to help bolster the bond between your business and community this year. Your donations make a real impact on the lives of your neighbors, especially during the holiday season.

All of the best holiday giving begins with a little inspiration. This year, consider adding a new front to your holiday outreach in addition to your previous efforts. To help provide a spark to your holiday cheer, we’ve put together a list of 9 holiday charity ideas for moving companies.

1. Deliver a smile with a holiday toy drive

Help spread the holiday spirit by giving back to the children in your community with a toy drive. Pooling and donating toys for a nonprofit daycare center or teaming up to support a national charity like Toys for Tots are great ways to make an impact. Your moving company can even hold a competition to see who can donate the most toys.

2. Give back with a food drive

Although food drives are a great idea at any time of year, with partners like Move For Hunger, they kick into high-gear during the holiday season. Make a splash with your contributions by hosting a food drive designed to target the most in-demand items. Associate the most needed food drive donations, like proteins and diapers, with point values and divide your staff into teams. Offer a prize, keep a tally, and see who can give the most to a great cause. Because fresh and healthy foods are the most difficult to provide, as opposed to shelf-stable foods, go a step further and donate to an organization like Milk Life, which helps deliver milk to families in need.

3. Team-up with your local schools

Moving companies are in a unique position to team up with schools this holiday season because they are the ultimate delivery service. Support a school’s food drive, coat drive, or any donation-based effort by volunteering to deliver the donated items on behalf of the students. You can even have your employees contribute to their drive. By doing what moving companies do best, help people move, you can contribute to a great cause, support your schools, and bring donations to families in need.

4. Help your team support a charity

Help your team get into the giving spirit by holding a vote to select which charitable event your office will sponsor. Getting your employees involved makes all the difference in a successful charity event. A fun challenge like a polar plunge is great for raising donations and having a fun competition amongst your teammates. You can even Invite the local community. It’s a win for your team and the charity you choose.

5. “Adopt” a family in need

As an alternative to supporting a national organization this season, consider going small and “adopting” a family in need in your community. By acting locally, your moving company provides an amazing holiday experience to a family in need of some help this holiday season. Support a family as a company or help connect your employees and their families with a family to sponsor.

6.  Spread love to local pets

Support a pet shelter or pet adoption organization and lend a helping hand to the pets in your community. Shelters often ask for donations of food and pet supplies during the holidays, or your moving company can make a donation to the organization itself. If your team wants to take your support to the next level, partner with a pet shelter to help run an adoption event. The shelters will appreciate the assistance, and it’s a great way to represent your company.

7. Host your own blood drive

Cap off your holiday celebrations by organizing a blood drive with your employees. This lifesaving contribution is in high demand during the winter. The holidays are also a busy time of year for many families, so encourage your team to sign up during your holiday festivities in the month of December to draw a big turnout in January. January is national blood donor month and a great way to continue your giving spirit into the new year.

8. Send a warm feeling with a winter coat drive

Giving winter clothing is a great way to provide a resource to those in need in your community, especially in colder states. Help put your closet full of old winter clothes to good use this season with a winter clothing drive. Set a goal to reach as a team and collect gently-used coats, gloves, hats, and scarves and donate them to a local clothing drive or a national charity.

9. Donate your time at a soup kitchen

Volunteer your moving company for a charity event where they can serve their community — literally. Sign your moving company up as a team to help serve at a food pantry or soup kitchen. Donating your time is one of the most personal ways to help during the holidays. Lead your team by example and show them the impact they can make this holiday season.

Provide some holiday cheer for your community this year

Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season by coordinating an effort to give back to your community on behalf of your moving company. By getting your team in on the action, you can spread the holiday cheer to both your employees and your community. Supporting a good cause is its own reward, but no matter which way you decide to give back, celebrate your achievements together.

Has your moving company found success with any of these events? Have additional suggestions you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!