Why You’re Worth the Commission

You’ve seen it time and time again. The eager independent seller sets out to market their home for sale by owner, only to find themselves in over their head with scheduling last-minute showings and filing out complex legal paperwork. You know that selling a home is a full-time job, but how do you convince your prospects that you’re worth the commission? Start by letting your prospects know why they can’t possibly sell without you.

What you bring to the table:

An experience: For many of your clients, selling their home will be one of their greatest financial — and emotional — undertakings. Your job is to keep them sane from the time of listing to long after closing. You’re not there just to provide access to a MLS — you’ll deliver an experience they won’t be able to replicate as an independent seller.

Your resources: The ball’s in your court for this one. As a real estate professional, you’re able to tap into an entire network of resources that will ensure the highest visibility for your client’s listing. You’ll be able to give your clients a full picture of properties that may not be actively advertised on the market and market their home to all of your contacts.

Your knowledge of market conditions: Remember, you’re the local expert. Remind your clients that you’re well-versed in historic market trends and can offer them realistic listing prices for their home. You’ll explain the neighborhood competition and how to stage their home to be competitive players in the field.

Your expert negotiation skills: Many first time independent sellers overestimate their own power of persuasion. Remind your clients that you’ll work as an objective mediator between buyer and seller — long before emotions enter into the equation. From helping your clients negotiate financing to inspection repairs, you’ll be the non-partial light that reaches their bottom line.

Your tools: As a value-add to your business, you offer your clients outstanding client services. With services like Updater, you’ll help your clients knock off just one more thing from their moving to-do lists. Whether Updater’s helping your clients find cable providers in their area or filling out their change of address forms, your client will know they’re in good hands.

With that, don’t be shy about letting your prospects know just exactly why you’re worth it. Convince your clients with these tips, and get ready to start ringing in the commissions.