VP of Real Estate, Chris Avery, Chats Updater on the ‘Real Estate is Your Business’ Podcast

VP of Real Estate, Chris Avery, Chats Updater on the ‘Real Estate is Your Business’ Podcast

Updater’s VP of Real Estate, Chris Avery, recently sat down with the co-founder of tech-enabled brokerage Prevu, Thomas Kutzman and MouthMedia Network producer, Marc Raco on the Real Estate is Your Business podcast. In addition to chatting about the mission of Updater to streamline the moving experience, Chris spoke about the growth of Updater, why real estate brokerages and agents sought out moving technology, and how he entered the real estate business years ago.


I had a great time with Tom and Marc on the REIYB podcast, discussing the painful moving experience that consumers have and how Updater is making strides to change consumer expectations about how easy it really can – and should – be.
— Chris Avery

The Real Estate is Your Business podcast interviews leading names in the real estate industry — from the innovators to entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the space, guests of REIYB are at the forefront of modernizing the industry. Past guest of the podcast include:

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As a customer, looking at virtually-staged photos personally leaves me feeling uneasy. Even if the furniture looks realistic, the shadows are frequently off and gives the room an uncanny valley feel. Like I'm looking at a hi-def Sims screenshot, or something. Better to have the room mostly empty with a coffee table and chair thrown in for scale, imo.

Also in back of my mind can't help but think "If the original photo was run through software to add the furniture, then what else was altered?"