Creating the Perfect Email Signature for Your Brand

Creating the Perfect Email Signature for Your Brand

An email’s closing is just as important as its content. Ending messages with a dash and your name simply won’t cut it.

And yet, while most people put quite a bit of thought into the content of an email, the same isn’t always true for the signature of an email – but it should be. Your email signature matters, and it should be an authentic representation of you and your brand. That said, there are certain guidelines you should aim to follow.

Updater’s own Marketing Director, Jenna Weinerman, recently contributed to Inman with her top tips for crafting the perfect email signature. From photos to links to designations, Jenna sounds off on what will make you stand out and what will send you right to the spam folder.

Here are some of Jenna’s key pointers:

For photos

  • Avoid uploading as attachments
  • Steer clear of black and white images
  • Only include in introductory emails

For links

  • Keep them to a minimum (they’re prime indicators of spam)
  • Shorten and hyperlink URLs

For designations

  • Only include what’s necessary
  • Consider what information is relevant to your client
  • Use sparingly

Check out Jenna’s full article to discover what makes an email signature memorable and learn how to create one that works for you and your brand. 

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As a customer, looking at virtually-staged photos personally leaves me feeling uneasy. Even if the furniture looks realistic, the shadows are frequently off and gives the room an uncanny valley feel. Like I'm looking at a hi-def Sims screenshot, or something. Better to have the room mostly empty with a coffee table and chair thrown in for scale, imo.

Also in back of my mind can't help but think "If the original photo was run through software to add the furniture, then what else was altered?"