Dash and Updater — A Seamless Integration

Updater integrates with the industry’s top transaction management software to provide the most robust tech experience possible. We’re proud of our integrations and continually work to advance them. When real estate brokerages integrate Updater into their daily process, everyone wins – brokerage, agents, buyers, and sellers.

Dash and Updater Integrate Seamlessly

If your brokerage uses Dash —  a top transaction management software in the real estate industry — you can seamlessly integrate with the Updater platform and offer your clients a moving app that streamlines the relocation process and eases stress.

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up with Updater, contact your success manager at Dash and they’ll start the integration for you.  Once the integration is configured by Updater and Dash, you’ll be able to provide our moving app to your clients, allowing them to save time, money, and sanity during the moving process.

To learn more about our Dash integration, request a 15-minute demo, or email [email protected].

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce Updater’s Dash integration. This integration not only allows more brokerages and agents to have easy access to Updater but also allows Updater to relieve moving stress for millions of additional movers each year.

— Chris Avery