Updater Integrates with BackAgent and MoversSuite

Introducing Ankit Shah, a fan of the Jets, Mets and Nets and Updater’s Director of Data Infrastructure! We sat down with Ankit to learn more about his work on Updater’s software integrations with move management software, MoversSuite, and real estate software provider, BackAgent – and to find out why he thinks moving companies and real estate brokerages can benefit from them. 

Why don’t you start by giving a basic overview of what MoversSuite and BackAgent are?

Of course – MoversSuite is a software used by moving companies that tracks orders and jobs they need to fulfill in order to provide their customers with a great moving experience.  

BackAgent, on the other hand, is a software used by many of our real estate and brokerage clients to manage their transactions, track the listings they’ve sold, and so on.

And why were these integrations important for Updater?

Both integrations make it extremely easy for MoversSuite and BackAgent clients to set up and use Updater, as they allow a seamless transfer of data between Updater and the real estate or moving company. This also creates a unique end user experience as the Updater platform is personalized to each and every one of their clients’ and customers’ individual moves and needs. 

Are there any unique features of these integrations?

Not specifically. However, for brokerages and real estate companies who use BackAgent, there is an especially simple setup process because they are consuming our API. This means that all a brokerage or real estate client has to do to set up the integration is call the BackAgent support team and work with their API token!

So what kind of technologies made all of this possible?

For MoversSuite we used a reporting script written on SEQUEL SQL, and for BackAgent we simply utilized Updater’s REST API.

Is there much maintenance required to keep everything running so seamlessly?

For BackAgent it has been a very light touch process from our end because it is completely managed by the BackAgent system. Similarly with MoversSuite, it is very rare that we have to conduct any maintenance. It would only be needed if they changed the schema, as we would have to update the script to ensure it’s working. 

What did you enjoy most about working on these projects?

The challenge of figuring out how each system works and how best to create the integration architecture – it was a lot of fun.

And finally, why should real estate brokerages and moving companies care about these integrations?

They should care because if they are using BackAgent or MoversSuite, we can provide a lot of value to their clients and customers with little to no extra work for them!