Dolly is now part of Updater

We’re excited to announce that Dolly is joining the Updater family.

Dolly is the leading provider of on-demand local moves and has re-imagined the delivery experience by putting customers in control and making moving and delivery easy.

Acquiring Dolly enables Updater to offer users a seamless experience to find fast and affordable help with small local moves when a full-service moving company isn’t a practical solution. First, users tell Dolly when, where, and what they need help with and receive an upfront price quote. Then, within minutes, they will connect with a Dolly Helper, who will help them move their items. The entire experience can be tracked and communicated through the Dolly smartphone app, making moves easy, affordable, and safe.

Dolly can help move your sofa across town but also has partnerships with retailers like Lowe’s, Costco, Crate & Barrel, and many more for when that giant flat-screen won’t fit in your trunk. Users in over 40 different cities have put their trust in Dolly to help move over 1.6 million items.

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When Dolly users’ moves are too large for one of its Helpers to support, they can be directed to the MoveHQ platform, which supports a nationwide network of full-service moving companies.

What does this mean for you?

  • One-stop destination: Updater has created a unique marketplace for your clients and residents to coordinate and execute any size move painlessly.
  • Everybody wins: Consumers, Real Estate Partners, and Service Providers benefit from our streamlined approach to moving.
  • More options: Clients and residents can leverage Dolly to move items and also have access to our MoveHQ platform for more sizable moves.

We are thrilled to join forces with Dolly to bring the leading provider of on-demand local moving and delivery into our mission of becoming the go-to destination to help people conquer their moves.

For more about today’s announcement, read our press release here.

If you have additional questions or ideas, reach out to your Updater Success Manager or email us at [email protected]