From chaos to calm: A property manager’s experience with Updater Pro | Onboarding

Sifting through emails for buried resident documents, paper checklists, and missed items… does any of that sound familiar? For property manager, Brittany Head, that’s the way it had always been done. Brittany manages Brixton McKinney, a Western Wealth community, and she can tell you all about the time-consuming move-in processes leasing teams deal with every day. 

Before using Updater | Pro Onboarding, collaboration across the team was nearly impossible, because tasks were confined to Brittany’s inbox and the team invested a considerable amount of time crafting reminder emails to encourage residents to submit necessary information before their move-in date.

From skeptic to fan

During the summer of 2022, Western Wealth Communities announced the rollout of Updater | Pro Onboarding at Brixton McKinney. Brittany was initially skeptical about using Updater, that incorporating a digital system would be “just another thing to deal with.”  However, Updater soon demonstrated its prowess as the ultimate solution that revolutionized move-in efficiency for Brittany and her team.

Their new process is simple: invitations to join Updater are emailed to residents, who, upon signing up, can organize and complete their move-in tasks and submit the required documentation. Leasing teams can now view resident task submissions all in one place and approve or request adjustments. The only thing left for residents to do on move-in day is pick up their keys. “We no longer have to scramble,” Brittany stated confidently.

Work smarter, not harder

Brittany went on to explain that additional Updater | Pro Onboarding features like automated daily emails with leasing team to-dos help her quickly take action, while reminder templates within the platform save the team time when identifying outstanding documents. Even if team members are pulled away from their tasks, they can quickly resume their work by checking Updater. “Updater makes our job so much easier; it’s smarter, not harder,” Brittany said. “Yesterday I came into the office and completed 10 move-ins in 5 minutes. I started my day feeling like I got a lot accomplished in the first 5 minutes of my day.”

Overall, Western Wealth Communities has shown that property managers can enhance the resident experience and build lasting relationships with their residents by embracing technology and creative solutions. Thanks to Updater, Brittany and her team have streamlined the move-in process and now provide a frictionless experience to new residents, saving time and effort and improving retention by consistently providing excellent service throughout their lease.