AB Moving Makes Moves Easier for Clients Every Day

Family-owned and Texas proud, AB Moving has been helping move local businesses, families, and apartment communities for more than 20 years. With a seasoned team of experts and a mission to give customers “the best value for their dollar,” AB Moving delivers professional, timely services for every kind of move. We spoke with them about adding Updater to their roster of end-to-end services and its effect on their everyday operations.

Since offering Updater for the first time, how have your customers responded?

They have absolutely loved it. They have the ability to update info for free and all at one time. Updater is an amazing idea.

How has offering Updater affected your customer happiness and loyalty?

The customers who have used it have called back and thanked us for making it a simple process and taking one more item off of the bucket list for moving.

What is one way that Updater has helped your company and made the lives of your team members easier?

It truly has helped our employees in selling the one-stop call for moving. The thanks they receive from customers make their day.

How has working with Updater been successful for AB Moving?

Updater has been a blessing to work with, and it has helped our customers. All we have to do is upload a simple Excel file to get the process started. The process could not be easier.

How would you describe your overall experience working with the Updater team?

The ease of getting information to the customer, to Updater, and the staff being able to let our customers know that we can make all of their mail forwarding happen with one email… It’s amazing.

That’s fantastic. Anything else you’d like to add?

I wish I had thought of it first!