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How Laramar Group Improves the Resident Life Cycle

Founded in 1989, Laramar Group has grown from a small real estate investment company into a powerhouse national real estate investment and property management corporation. The secret to their success? Their team, and a company-wide commitment to providing the best possible experience for both clients and residents. Laramar Group strives to “set a standard in apartment living” — meaning that residents can expect high-quality, personalized amenities and services from even before move-in and beyond.

That’s why they’ve adopted Updater — to give residents an amenity that reduces stress and enables them to accomplish important tasks related to their move well in advance. We sat down with David Egeland, their Vice President of Marketing, to discuss Laramar Group’s dedication to sustainability, the resident life cycle, and their partnership with Updater.

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Jiordan Castle
Jiordan Castle

Jiordan is Updater's former Digital Content Manager. Here content specialties are renters and homeowners insurance, cloud technology, and all things moving! She eats pizza every Friday and never buys a new iPhone until her current one breaks.

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